Will PlayStation Home be ruined by advertising?

One of Games Radar's major concerns about the viability of Sony's PlayStation Home social networking/online bachelor pad creator is how it will handle advertising without alienating (read: pissing off) its users. The question is, will users really be able to enjoy themselves in Sony's virtual world if every corner they turn someone's trying to sell something to them?

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Lightning Mr Bubbles4492d ago

What can I say? I really think the dude works for Microsoft.

pilotpistolpete4492d ago

No, as much as I don't really like MS, I think they still have enough class not to hire someone like him to browse the net 24/7.

However, if Ms did in fact hire him, we can maybe excuse his behavior. Because if he's doing this all on his own with nothing to gain, then he is a sad sad person.

Lightning Mr Bubbles4492d ago

after the boat issue to try and crash the PS3 launch in Europe, nothing would surprise me.

But if Bloodmask is doing all that work and research just for nothing, that is pretty stupid.

achira4492d ago

ok, xbox live is ruined also !

DrPirate4492d ago

At least we don't turn on the PS3 and get flashing ads on the XMB.

I went to my cousins house and when he turned on his 360 and I saw that "Futureweapons" ad, ZOMG XBOXLIVE DESTROYED BY ADS!!!!!!!!!!!

Of course I didn't. Ads generate a revenue stream that make their respective services better, and cost less. Bring on the ads, I don't mind, as long as they don't interfere with anything I'm doing.

"Drink Pepsi Can and drive in Febreze branded racecar to continue playing your game" Yeah, I'm outta here...

crck4492d ago

Home is free and completely optional. Don't like it? Don't use it. Unlike the 360 dash where you are constantly assaulted by ads that you can't turn off. Whats the point of having wallpaper or themes when they are severely obscured by ads for burgers and Best Buy.

Sayai jin4492d ago

Hmm, I agree with you prtly. I have never seen any flashing ads on XBL. PSN or Home having ads will only help the service, as long as it does not get out of hand. It will give Sony profit to provide more upgrdes, maintain better servers, etc. It is a compliment as well, becuase companies always want to go with a popuar product to get their name and ideas out. Look at it as a compliment.

Galvatron4492d ago

The ads aren't bothersome. Besides, you can opt out of said ads. Most of the time, the ads are for content on the Marketplace. I don't see what the big deal is.

harpua4492d ago

I'll take desperate xbot bashing attempt for 300 Alex.

TheExecutive4492d ago

well if it is up on the walls and doesnt flash on the screen then they will be ok. There will be movies playing, there will be billboards, but so what? They are everywhere anyway and its what will make home FREE. Yes, advertising can be annoying at times, but it makes many things free that otherwise we would have to pay for. If HOME is a hit it will be free, why you ask? Sony is generous? NO. Because of advertising.

I really dont see the difference between this and walking through the mall with all of the Kiosk (sp?) vultures running after you asking what cell phone company you are with.

sajj3164492d ago

I'm hit by advertising as I walk the streets of NYC after work. It doesn't bother me much looking at attractive women. Hit me up with the adds! If this makes Home and the PS Network free, do it as long as it doesn't ruin the user experience like web pop ups. Home, if done well is going to be Sony's cash cow.

Thanks for the article Blood .. Opened up my eyes ...

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The story is too old to be commented.