Gamer Euphoria: Neir Review (Xbox 360/PS3)

What would you do to save the daughter you love? This is the theme to Nier, an action RPG developed by Cavia Inc, the makers of Bullet Witch and Drakengard and published by Square-Enix. Cavia has not had the best track record in the past but will this game change all that for them?

Nier tells the story of Nier (although you can name the character something else), a gruff looking man who is the father of Yonah. There is a problem with Yonah in that she has a disease known as the Black Scrawl and Nier is trying to find a cure for this disease. He finds out that collecting the so-called Sealed Verses might help him achieve that task and by navigating through an old temple, he encounters Grimoire Weiss, a no-nonsense talking tome that also has another purpose within the game. Your character also meets Kainé, a woman who has seems to have a passion for obscenities since most of the stuff that comes out of her month is a swear word. This personality doesn’t really fit at all into this game and can became unlikable from the get-go due to her ‘couldn’t care less’ persona. With the exception of Grimoire Weiss and possibly Kainé, all the characters in the game are pretty much lifeless and therefore cannot relate to them or become attached to them in any way possible.

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