8.0 Warriors: Legends of Troy "After more than a decade, Koei's "Warriors" franchise has humbly expanded from a game that looked at China's Romance of the Three Kingdoms (Dynasty Warriors), to properties that tackle the history of the Samurai (Samurai Warriors) and even take a look at the Gundam anime series (Dynasty Warriors: Gundam). A large number of the games associated with the franchise adopt the "hack and slash" approach, and for many, a love/hate relationship has been formed because of this. Those on the hate side are filled with the notion that once you've played one of the Warriors game, you've played them all. It was this notion that Koei Canada wanted to change when they approached Warriors: Legends of Troy and it certainly shows. Legends of Troy is quite possibly the best Warriors game to date."

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fozzness2979d ago

Nice! Definitely need to play this. LOVE ME SOME TROY!

ShawnCollier2979d ago

Good to see Koei releasing a worthy Warriors title.

mephman2979d ago

It's the best for a while, at least.

GezForce2978d ago

nearly finished the game, definitely best warriors game to date. throwing spears at fleeing troops is very satisfying!. Game plays out very similar to the movie. so if your a fan i suggest you pick up a copy.