Heavy Rain Facial Motion Capture Video & Pictures

Shows how they captured the facial animation of the woman who plays the main female character in the game.

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Kokoro4029d ago

i didn't find any embedded video. good catch, mate.

lonestarmt4029d ago

she has a pretty smile... :)

Lightning Mr Bubbles4029d ago

But who knows. It might be a big deal. All the developers claim is that it will be realistic like nothing ever seen before in video games.

Aquatic Dream put out a new website today but I expected to find out more about Heavy Rain, like a real trailer or something.

Siesser4029d ago

Please do take this game seriously. Indigo Prophecy was one of the most amazing games I've ever played, and I have full trust in this developer (Quantic Dreams, btw) because of it. They are the only ones to make a game where I truly did become completely immersed in the game world and who my character was, because they let you perform nearly every single action your character carried out, being choosing to sit, where to sit, what to do while sitting, how fast to eat, whether to pay, what song to play on guitar, actually playing the guitar, etc., et. al., ad nauseum. They just pay such a great attention to detal, and include so many options and so much depth, it's amazing.

m91058264029d ago (Edited 4029d ago )

Has no one else seen the actual trailer of the dialog that this girl is recording in the video. It's pretty awesome. It's been around for like 2 years, so it should be easy to find for those who haven't seen it. @Lightning, they're called Quantic Dream. Should make it easier to find their stuff. Also, for the poster of the article, she may or may not be the main character in the game. She was the only character in the tech demo, but it has yet to be seen what role she will play in the actual game.

Anego Montoya FTMFW4029d ago

that vid of THIS from 2 years ago.

is one of the MOST INTENSE scenes ever.

she`s a great actress/actor.

Siesser4029d ago

I think everyone was floored by the tech demo from 2 E3s ago. The only thing off was the lip-synching a little, but the devs said that was due to the recording means, and not the game's playback. Regardless, it's an issue I'm sure they can fix.

m91058264029d ago

They did also pump out the whole scene, from no script to done, in less than 3 months. I think the lip-synching and unfinished charater model and animations is forgivable. Imagine what they've done with almost 3 years of work?

ghettocheeze4029d ago

on the website go to Motion Capture and scratch off both grey blobs and on the top right you'll see a small video of the motion captures rendered in 3D. The most impressive are "Props" in which the girl plays with double swords and "Dance" which goes something like a Shakira video. I must say this stuff unbelievable and so realistic. Enjoy!

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