Ubisoft looking for Assassin's Creed historians

Assassin's Creed's storyline is so intricate that even UbiSoft have trouble following it

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TrevorPhillips2985d ago

I just wish they made a new Assassin's Creed in Ancient babylon/Mesopetamia :)

Jumping and walking around on the Tower of Babel and Ishtar gate, etc.

lociefer2984d ago

i hope next 1 will b in japan , samurais, katanas, and stuff

BigBoss072984d ago

I second this statement. Ninjas are Assassins and Samurai are Templars. It would be best set towards the end of the Tokugawa era to the beginning of the Meiji era. Lots of turmoil and battles going on as well as getting to keep the gun attachment.

SnakeMustDie2984d ago


The problem is Desmond doesn't look like he had any asian blood in him.

MintBerryCrunch2984d ago

if this game goes modern, i really feel like it will play like the Hitman games

but thats just me, i hope they stick with the historic locations

artsaber2984d ago

Just link the next game to Xerxes, Leonidas, and the 300 story. Mix that in with going into Spartacus to assassinate all those dirty manipulative bastards to save the house of Batiatus.

Ok maybe not... I can cosign on lociefer's idea though, Assassin Creed with ninjas are kinda fitting, lol. Maybe they will offer up a real challenge.

Johandevries2984d ago

What? You want to trade in Ezio for Hussein?

jjank112984d ago

really, why don't they just read a book on history. You know with companies always complaining about the increased costs for making games. Just buy a few books on whatever era they want to shoot for or watch some history channel.

Baka-akaB2984d ago

uh given how much history and architecture they fit within the games , even if mixed a lot with fiction , it's safe to say they already do that kind of research

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