Why Metal Gear Solid 5 Will Be A PS3 Exclusive Metal Gear Solid has always been quite the exclusive title to the PlayStation brand since the first Metal Gear Solid. Even when the industry was rife with rumours of Metal Gear Solid 4 jumping ship to the Xbox 360, Kojima and gang never faltered one bit. In fact, they just put the next flagship title on the PSP instead. Now with Metal Gear Solid: Rising on both platforms, we're left to wonder what's next for the series. Although it should be clear, here's why I think Metal Gear Solid 5 will be on the PS3.

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mephman4205d ago

If they could hook this up with the NGP, like Kojima has been teasing, it would make for an awesome experience.

Hardedge4205d ago

I totally agree, it'll be pretty damn amazing.

Dragun6194205d ago (Edited 4205d ago )

I think if there is an MGS5, then I think NGP support is probably abound But a PS3 exclusive? Maybe, but I don't think we shouldn't get ahead of ourselves.

I mean, I thought MGS: Rising is gonna be PS3 exclusive but that was announced multiplatform at MS E3 conference. That and it's possible that Kojima isn't even making MGS5. That tease for MGS5 was actually MGS Illustrations to Support Japan.

captain-obvious4205d ago

i need some more big boss in my system

heck i need a new MGS3
make us a MGS3 2

DaTruth4205d ago

Just ask Kojima! If he acts like he's upset, dismissive and says something like; "I won't be involved with MGS5/6", it is multiplatform. If he gets a smile and starts making claims about the Universe not being enough blah blah blah, it's PS3 exclusive!


Iroquois_Pliskin4205d ago

I just cant wait for MGS5 and Rising

Vaud-Villian4205d ago

War has changed. MGS was exclusive until its first sequel.

HolyOrangeCows4205d ago

"If they could hook this up with the NGP, like Kojima has been teasing, it would make for an awesome experience"

I'd rather see two different games with some sort of interactivity. Like playing eachother in MGO 2.0....or something.

xXSilentXx4205d ago

@ Dragun619

MGS: Rising is a complete other story line and has nothing to do with snake or the patriots. MGS: Rising will only have the story line of raidens his life.

Skip_Bayless4205d ago

It's gonna come out on PS3 and Xbox 720 because the the xbox 360 can't handle it.

darthv724205d ago

oh well. glad I have both.

Besides, it is way past for the 360 to get MGS4. In fact, we have reached the point where it is just easier to have a ps3 now instead of holding out. Same goes for the 360.

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showtimefolks4205d ago

he loves ps3 or sony paid him the man want a lot of disk space and have no limitations and he is very very familiar with ps3

i would be glad with 3 things:

mgs5 i don't care whether its exclusive or not
mgs:peace walker for NGP with updated controls for dual stick
where is MGS1-3 in HD i thought it was rumored to be in a magzine story?

this year's e3 has a lot of potential

news on agent which people think has been canned
new on eight days and getaway 3
syhpon filter
games we will see in 2012 and beyond
jak in hd
all 4 ratchet games in HD from ps2
after god of war 3 SM are working on 2 games which ones?
ape escape for ps3?

sony has so much to offer

if you are a game and only buy ps3 exclusives plus few big AAA games you are pretty much busy for whole year

smashman984205d ago

lol eight days and get away is not coming out eight days was announced almost 5 years ago and then canned a yaer or 2 later its not happening
getaway maybe but improbable

and tbh i do think agent was canned syphon filter i dont think is happening yet becuz bend is working on uncharted ngp

Veneno4205d ago

Both 8 Days and Getaway have been said to still be in development.

dgonza404205d ago

that's the truth lol
i have no idea where im gonna get the time to play all these games. i was still behind last year lol i havent even played a lot of the games i was looking forward to before they realased. now 2011 is sure to rape my wallet and time

theonlylolking4205d ago

If he makes MGS5 he needs just as long and as many cutscenes and 8hrs of gameplay. It also needs better graphics IMO MGS4 does not look that amazing to me anymore.

pixelsword4205d ago

Eight days was announced almost five years ago...

...and Duke Nukem was announced how many years ago?

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meetajhu4205d ago

Solid Snake is exclusive to Playstation platform

1:43 lmao

Solid_Snake-4205d ago

my favourite video in gaming history.

AlienLion4205d ago

Well... that is not enirely true, is it? Not only has he appeared on both Xbox and Gamecube, he was actually born on a Microsoft platform (MSX). For being a fanboy you know very little.

cannon88004205d ago

Not only should it be an exclusive to Sony but also because it just doesn't make real sense to make it multi-platform. You know what I mean? I'm not trying to be a troll or a fan-boy, it's just that so many mgs games have been on the PlayStation that it's almost like father and son. Bringing all the future mgs games to the Xbox will ruin the relationship. Kids wont understand what I'm trying to say but I hope you adults that read this do. Every console has it's great exclusives, and this one should always stick to the PlayStation no matter what. Kojima knows better that it isn't about the extra money but rather bringing back the love to PlayStation.

AlienLion4200d ago

Didnt stop FF from going 360, or DMC, or Ace Combat or countless others. The same happened to xbox exclusives. You cant stop it and its only for the better.

Persistantthug4205d ago

It's about business now, not company fanboy'ism.

Money talks BS walks.

cannon88004205d ago

So you're saying that what i wrote was bullshit and that I'm a fanboy? I hope you read my paragraph and understood the part where i said hopefully the adults would understand. It's about the fans and not about the money. Never was. Never is. Never will be.

NewZealander4205d ago

i just dont understand why MGS4 never got trophy support, im mean how many times do we have to ask kojima.

ThanatosDMC4205d ago

It was released before it was mandatory. I never did get the stealth camo or big boss zombie head... if it gets the Subsistence treatment i'll buy it and try to get a plat.

Dagobert4204d ago

I want that trophy support. That will be the only game I can get a 100% on and actually bother getting every single trophy.

zeal0us4205d ago

Even though im a 360 owner I think the MGS would be left better on the ps3, don't get me wrong I would love to see MGS on the 360. It just wouldn't feel the same I use to play MGS on sony products(ps1/2 and psp) not M$ stuff.

360 don't really sell that good in japan (culture too blame sadly X associated with death, black associated with death, yes i know ps3 is black, but would it be easier to a product from your own people or foreigners. I hate put it in those terms but that what it seems) + kojima is known to have a dislike for 360, even there was pic of a 360 at office once before. MGS5 have just as much of chance of FFversus13 getting on the 360, which seem kinda low at the moment sadly.

hennessey864205d ago

maybe thats what microsoft will be thinking, get mgs on 360 sell more xboxs in japan

zeal0us4205d ago

Didn't they try that very same thing with ff13 and was kind of a failure seeing as more japanese ppl had already got it on the ps3 months b4.

Jazz41084205d ago

Ps3s advantage is bluray for cut scenes. That's mwhy it. Would be multiple discs. Crysis2 as proven shows 360 can hold its on graphically with a good dev and engine... it should remain on the ps3 though as it feels right on that platform as I have always. Played it there.

socomnick4205d ago

40 hours of cutscenes, 2 hours of nanomachine gibberish, 3 hours of gameplay and subpar stealth.

Yea Ill pass on mgs games.

GodofSackboy4205d ago







I don't care what you say, MGS4 is the best game ever. If MGS5 is exclusive then all will be complete. The console war is finished. You simply have no ground to stand on anymore. (unless it finished with MGS4, which it did)

nycrekid4205d ago

Add all that up and you get one of the best games this gen. So what was your point again?

Kos-Mos4205d ago

Too deep for you? Better off with gears, gow, gta, halo perhaps?

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Blaze9294205d ago

Who knows what platform MGS5 will be on. If Konami knew themselves, I'm pretty sure they wouldn't have set up that survey asking what platform gamers would like to have the next Metal Gear Solid on.

Could be on iPhone for all we know...let's hop not. But depending if they get a strong amount of results on a particular console, don't be surprised if it isn't only the PS3 or even the PS3 at all.

CaliGamer4204d ago

"don't be surprised if it isn't only the PS3 or even the PS3 at all."

What does that even mean?

Blaze9294204d ago

If it isn't only ps3 - multiplatform
Ps3 at all - on a system NOT the Ps3

That wasn't so hard now was it?

C_SoL4205d ago

Solid Snake becomes a half robot half human. Mark my words.

ThanatosDMC4205d ago (Edited 4205d ago )

Actually, that's could happen since they extended Grey Fox's dying drugged up body by making him into a cyborg.

TVippy4205d ago

Not a single solid argument in favor of it being on the PS3. Another one of those fanboys' rants.

Biggest4205d ago

I don't see why there is even a conversation about it. Metal Gear Solid 5 will be a Playstation exclusive. Someone would have to come up with a reasoning as to why it won't be that way. Not the other way around.

jukins4205d ago

if theres anything sony would pay for third party it would be metal gear lets see. but a psp2 and ps3 crossover would be cool.

Kee4205d ago

They can't put MGS5 on the NGP. Main MGS games have to stay on a console. Otherwise I will go and shit on Sony's doorstep for causing me to fork out a ridiculous sum of money for a piece of hardware that I really don't need.

Amphion4205d ago

This won't be exclusive sadly but it should be. I guess we'll have to deal with a wattered down PS3 version once again because the 360 version needs to be kept under 7 gigs. Either that or it'll ship on 14 discs on Microsoft's geriatric box.

NanoSoldier4205d ago

they should keep it for PS3 only before it starts to look better on 360 ... *just joking*

jden284205d ago

I think that everyone is right to a point...

1. I think that Kojima will develop a dual NPD/PS3 game
2. I also think that a multiplatform MGS will be developed for both ps3 and x360, but Kojima will personally oversee the NPD/PS3 but Not the X360 version

3. The big 2 announcements will be that MGS goes multiplatform, and Sony will get Exclusive NPD cross over game and content.

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Hardedge4205d ago

I expect another Big Boss arc. Solid Snake is cool and all, but he's got nothing on Big Boss.

dc14205d ago

Big Boss gave up everything for Solid Snake.
Oh.. and you cant have a MG with out: Snake!? ....SnAKE?! .........SNNNNNNAAAAAKKKKKKKKE !!!!

Perkel4205d ago

The boss gave up everything for naked snake aka big boss who was a father fot david aka solid snake..

so you neesed this up...

nig boss never gave anything to solid. And solid killed him (not)

dc14205d ago

You’re Right!

I was being a little to general... But thanks for setting me straight! … then again if we are talking about the Les Enfants Terribles project… then how many degrees of separation are there….???...

ThanatosDMC4205d ago

^Solid Snake name is not David. You're confusing it with the intro's voice actor introductions. David Hayter is just the voice we all know.

GavLam884205d ago

Actually Thantos, Solid Snakes real name is David. If you have played to the end of MGS1, Snake reveals to Meryl that his name is David.

QuodEratDemonstrandm4205d ago

Big Mama aka EVA aka Solid Snake's surrogate mother called him David in Eastern Europe, the long cut scene in the church right before that crazy motorcycle chase.

dc14204d ago

... much love indeed!

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Master_S4205d ago (Edited 4205d ago )

Another Sony fanboy article.

This is the sad true in N4G....

thebudgetgamer4205d ago (Edited 4205d ago )

would you be happier if it was a 360 fanboy article?

i have an idea, go somewere else.

ha! you're bitter.

i love how fanboys think that being a bigger fanboy will stop other fanboys from being fanboys.

MrBeatdown4205d ago (Edited 4205d ago )

Cry more.

Trying to prove a point that doesn't favor 360 doesn't make it a fanboy article. The entire article is based on fact and reasonable speculation. Deal with it.

AnxietyAttack4205d ago

Troll more.

pathetic fanboy.

MrBeatdown4205d ago (Edited 4205d ago )

You're right. I shouldn't rile up the fanboys. I know you're all a sensitive bunch.

I did notice that you just attacked me, rather than defend Master_S's point though. Interesting.

BattleAxe4205d ago (Edited 4205d ago )

Go hang out in the Kotaku forums instead then, and take the rest of your 360 buddies with you.

Veneno4205d ago

I seriously Agree with you. All these 360 fanboys/trolls that complain about N4G need to just pack up and go to Kotaku, where everybody blindly follows Microsoft.

Problem solved. Get lost 360 fanboys.

YodaCracker4205d ago

What a tough choice. Go where everyone "blindly follows Microsoft" or stay at the laughing stock of the Internet, N4G, where everyone blindly supports the last place console to the point of complete and utter delusion. I choose to stay here for the laughs!

nycrekid4205d ago


Why are you here then if N4g is the laughing stock of the industry? Then you like being a part of the laughing stock. News for you no one I know who games even know what N4g is so it's no where near as significant as you people make it seem. It is just a place for gaming news and goofing around with sensitive anti-sony tools. you guys really need to just leave the place if it pisses you off so much. Staying here is like being at a party you weren't invited to and aren't welcomed.

shuuwai4205d ago

indeed, but it's well better than..

10 ten xbox360 or PS3


Why x360 is better than p3


NPD for NA = world sales.

i don't care what system it will be on, it's because i have all the consoles and a PC, and a apple pro.(smile)

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guigsy4205d ago

I could make a more compelling case for MGS5 not to be made at all.

Megaton4205d ago

I'd prefer that it wasn't, and I think Kojima would too. MGS4 was a great ending. Leave it alone.