Duke Nukem Is STILL Better Than You

Another day, another delay. But we forgive you, Duke. At least the people that matter do.

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Kran2978d ago (Edited 2978d ago )

1. "If the guy takes too long to come back from the toilet, you just don’t question him: it’s just what he does. Deal with it." - Yes. He's going to be in a toilet for 14 years. Im pretty sure you'd question that.

2. "older gamers – know all too well what it’s like to wait for Duke; they’ve been waiting for over a decade. Surely a few extra weeks isn’t going to hurt." - I just know you're looking forward to the next call of duty. And you're telling older gamers who have waited 14 years to wait a few more weeks? Thats like asking old people to wait 10 weeks before they can move from their chair.

3. "But all of the above is really irrelevant, because Duke doesn’t care that you’re pissed about the delay" - You realise he's not a real person right?

4. "your best mate from high school, the guy you got up to all sorts of crazy stuff with, has planned to come back to town to meet up for a drink. He cancels, but reschedules for a few weeks later.
Are you going to disown the friendship because he rescheduled?" - Why would I disown him when after 14 years, I would probs have better friends, or indeed friends that still kept in contact AFTER school.

5. "and parcel with being a true Duke Nukem gamer." - What's a "true gamer" nowadays?

6. "So, as another day ends and we continue to wait for Duke to once again save the planet from alien scum, ask yourself: are you really a Duke Nukem gamer?" You realie you're human too? So does that make you Alien Scum?


You obviously don't get how N4G works if you think posting an article that's meant to be a "joke" will not cause flame bait and hate towards you.

Gaetano2978d ago

Did you just analyse an article that's meant to be a joke? You think too much. Or you're just a really angry person.

DangerTick2978d ago

He won't look so hot in the bargain bin.

Kon2977d ago

You won't look so hot with one bubble

jony_dols2977d ago

Alcatraz (Prophet) IS better than Duke.

Tzuno2977d ago (Edited 2977d ago )

this game is so talked but when it comes out it will be a disappointment.

2977d ago