Heavy Rain's Facial Mocap and "real casting" hidden video

After snooping around the newly designed Quantic Dream website, I found multiple new hidden videos, showing the main actress Aurelie, performing her audition which secured her role as a main character for the game. The audition script, was from the Kill Bill volume 2 scene. And the other shows the motion capture test for the "casting" technical demo.

At the beginning of the Audition, She explains the setting to
the director;
Aurelie: Well really, she (Uma Thurman) explains him why she went away; it's actually a love scene

Be sure to head over the Motion capture page and Entertainment page. After scrolling over the nuclear gray cell multiple time, the videos will appear.

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Kokoro4488d ago

that lad, is quite good. But there is more and if annyone as question about the french, please let me know.

Lordimus4488d ago

I cannot wait for their next game. I think Indigo Prophecy was by far one of the best overlooked games of the last gen. Interactive movie at it's finest. Those new mo cap scenes only make me crave the next game all the more.

Kokoro4488d ago

no one has come out and said so. i cant take these claims as fact. When Guillaume comes out and says so, then, the related 360 and PC link will be removed, and not before. Still looking forward to it. Approve the story If you can.

Siesser4488d ago

It's official.

I don't think I've seen any footage or interviews from the developers, and DEFINITELY haven't seen any new video, since E3 of 3006; they've basically gone dark. Hopefully, it just means they're working hard.

archpsyker4488d ago

Heavy Rain looks like it can have potential, yet I haven't found anything regarding a storyline. Anybody have any idea about what it is about? This looks like it could be a great title for the PS3.

Lordimus, guess I would need to pick up a copy of Indigo Prophecy then. I was going to buy a copy put passed it up for Warhammer 40k Dawn of War. Thanks for the positive feedback on that.

In reference to 3.1 - Guerrilla Games laid low after their Killzone E3 2005 trailer and then released a great trailer this year. Maybe Quantic Dream is doing the same thing.

mikeslemonade4488d ago

This is a PS3 exclusive but did they ever say it is a PS3 exclusive or was it just annouced for the PS3. There was a article I can hardly remember that the developer said this is a PS3 exclusive.

OsolidOsnakeO4488d ago

Finaly we hear some news about it! ..........can they make it greater than Indigo Prophecy? wwwwwwwooooooooooowwwwwwww.... ............