65nm Xbox 360 seen in the wild and other console news

Xbox-scene.com forum posters believe they have spotted a 65nm CPU Xbox 360 in the wild - but without the use of the upcoming Falcon motherboard.
"The motherboard looks (almost) identical to the Zephyr, so I doubt it's the Falcon already. If the CPU is 65nm or not is hard to say ... it seems to be a bit different to those in the Pro-hdmi or Elite anyway. The smaller package, the lower power usage and missing 'power converters' on the right side of the board seems to indicate we indeed have a 65nm CPU here." read the posting.
No official word on whether Microsoft is indeed manufacturing 65nm components yet, but it's a strong possibility.

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DrRage775829d ago

okay, this article is old since all this information was actually revealed a week ago, and from an xbox.com forum member that actually took those pictures that were "revealed" in this article...i love how these no name people find work and pictures from someone else and post it as their own

secret5829d ago

The dividing line has been drawn. Everything to the left of that line is the xbox360 and xbox360 multiports. Everything to the right of that line is the PS3 and the loyal PS3 developers like Insomniac games.

The following link is a Grand Turismo5 versus Real-life comparison quiz. Let's see how you do. Take the quiz and see the power of the PS3 rather than the smoke & mirrors of the xbox360. PS3 fans, you might want to try for yourself...enjoy the true next gen experience on the utlimate home theater console -- the PS3.

Unless you got all 14 answers on this quiz correct on the first try with 100% certainty, with absolutely no doubt at all while you were taking the exam, I don't think you should click disagree. Clicking disagree without passing this test in flying colors shows (to yourself) that you're untrustworthy, pigheaded, and easily amazed by microsoft's smoke and mirrors. You know who you are.(If Microsoft really loves you, then why does it continue to sell you a product that it KNOWS is still defective rather than HALTING production until the flaws are worked out?).

Thank you. Now take the quiz.



nasim5829d ago

proof:- http://img220.imageshack.us...


i guess 30nm x360s wont give RROD but by april ,2008 in NA and decmeber ,2007 format war winner will already be declared (ps3)

ActionBastard5829d ago

It really is sad that you have to be concerned with the size of chips in your 360. I don't recall ever giving a damn about the guts of my console, just the games. It really must be a POS to have consumers wondering if it will RROD or not. Guess what? It will still RROD.

Mikey_Gee5829d ago (Edited 5829d ago )

.. it's folks like you that keep people from buying the PS3 with your right wing remarks.

I will be sure to sit my PS3 right next to my 360 to prove to myself it is not the consoles that hate each other, just the members of each camps that for some reason let a console consume their life with childish comments and debates.

ActionBastard5829d ago

You're lying to yourself if you think the 360 isn't a POS. I have mine on the bottom rack of my AV stand. Haven't turned it on in a while. Don't assume because I speak negative of the 360, I don't own. After all, through owning an unreliable, rushed to market, loud 360, I have formed such opinion. You good sir, are a douche.

Sayai jin5829d ago (Edited 5829d ago )

Good, they got them out. I will keep my ears and eyes open to hear feedback. I think releasing them into the public without any hoopl is a good move. It will no make people who brought early 360 mad, becuase it is not common knowledge. Well excpet all of us on N4G.

cow moolester5829d ago

Nasim you are too sad...seriously just please stop embarrassing yourself.You know what I find funny? You say outside of UK the Xbox 360 is dead yet it is outselling the Ps3 here in Ireland 6-1 and Xtra-Vision (Irelands blockbuster) refuses to stock Ps3 games for rent because there is no profit in it. I also find it funny that there are nearly the same amount of people playing Halo 3 online right now (1.3 million .I'm looking at the little map on the Halo 3 menu right now) than there is on all of PSN and how most are from Europe.

You show pictures of the Halo 3 xbox with 3RROD and yet fail to realise that some of those don't have the 65nm chipset. My ps3 lasted me 27 days before the HDMI Port on the back melted.If you want proof feel free to PM me...I'll show you the receipt and if you don't believe I have a Ps3 then add me...Cow-moolester

wageslave5828d ago

This failure issue is dead. It has been for months. The problems have been addressed, and we already know it.

I am pretty sure the PS3 fanboys who keep sniggering about heat failures and the failure rate dont know WTF they are talking about for two reasons, they are tweens who arent old enough to have E.Eng or CS degrees and two, they dont work for MS, so they invent failure rate percentages out of their arse (10%! 33%! 75%! 110%!!1! OMG!!1! f-ing idiots).

All this die-size chatter and whatnot doesnt matter.

The Xbox 360 heat issues have already been fixed, and we already were told. And we've been seeing the improved hardware for months now.

Every Xbox 360 with a HDMI port (maybe core, just without the header on the pins) has Motherboard Version 1.1. This Motherboard has fewer components, smaller components, new layout, and a new CPU/GPU mounting methodology.

Look at this: http://www.mainstageclothin...

"Having identified a number of factors which can cause general hardware failures indicated by three red flashing lights on the console, Microsoft has made improvements to the console and is enhancing its Xbox 360 warranty policy for existing and new customers."

from http://www.microsoft.com/Pr...

Also, read this loud and clear; Microsoft said at the Tokyo Game Show:

"We have made all the improvements in our manufacturing process, All the consoles on the market have those improvements.



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