Sony Changing its legal name

Reports point out that Sony, and more specifically SCEA is planning on switching its online operations to a new company name: SNEA (Sony Network Entertainment of America). Some have rumored this move is done so Sony can charge for the use of PSN

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Warprincess1162980d ago

Awww i really like SCEA.I grew up with it. SNEA just doesn't sound right. R.I.P SCEA :(

ToastyMcNibbles2980d ago

I don't think they're changing SCEA they're just taking their online operations and making it its own entity calling it SNEA.

Simco8762980d ago

Also agree, got an email from Sony stating this

NiKK_4192980d ago (Edited 2980d ago )

yea, i got an email, but it seemed fake, because it said to add [email protected] (that's who it was from too) and was talking about transferring my funds and stuff, so i thought it was some scam and was gonna call sony

just seemed suspicious

edit: oh, and last but not least, it said, as of april 1st...

and if you go to the site of the new ToS it says last revision was april 1, 2011

it's probably just me, but...

goflyakite2980d ago


I got two e-mails, one of them was sent to an e-mail account that isn't even set up with any PS3/Sony device. And in that e-mail it had my twitter account name, so all this seems suspicious.

Vherostar2979d ago

Agreed and I doubt they will charge for PSN this sites just trying to get hits with crap like that.

Soldierone2979d ago

Doesnt Sony already have an online operations? Its called SOE, Sony ONLINE Entertainment....So why cant they just transfer it to that branch? SNEA sounds stupid.

HolyOrangeCows2979d ago

The title of this article is incredibly deceitful.

paintsville2979d ago

Well looks like free PSN has it's days numbered. Can't really blame Sony. They need to make up some money somewhere. PS3 in third place, slacking software sales compared to xbox and wii. It's all about money after all.

ToastyMcNibbles2979d ago (Edited 2979d ago )

Are you retarded? Sony is making their online operations a separate entity so if anything there is going to be a bigger focus on PSN. They are already making money off of Plus subscriptions as well as Home and of course most importantly hardware and games. Troll harder next time.

ScentlessApprentice72979d ago (Edited 2979d ago )

You are on the right track. The parent entity SCE (Sony Computer Entertainment) is simply changing SOE (Sony Online Entertainment) to SNEA (Sony Network Entertainment of America).

smashman982979d ago

I dont believe SOE is going to be touched as they dont handle psn they create and publish the mmo's and what not

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JLeVRT2979d ago

I really freakin hope Sony doesnt charge for PSN... its the reason why im getting a PS3 now

jadenkorri2979d ago

i would suspect psn will remain free until ps4, its gonna be a sad day when we have to pay like live users to play online.

RedDead2979d ago (Edited 2979d ago )

If they do, it depends on the price, but if they charged the same price as Gold for the same Psn they have now, I would move back Xbox live. And probably need to get another Xbox(this one is on the verge of dying...again)

Just saying, but anyway i doubt they me it's one of the best things about the Ps3

smashman982979d ago

Lol i highly doubt well ever be paying for psn access sony knows they have a major edge with that... My guess theyre definitely going to be adding more desirable features to playstation +

Soldierone2979d ago

PSN will always be free to play and access. The only thing that will ever change is how much of a benefit PS Plus becomes. More exclusive games and so on. It will never be "PSN is only free on weekends" or crap like that.

Sony might as well toss a few millions PS3 sales down the toilet if they charge for PSN. Not saying PSN is crap, but the reason people try PS3 or even switch is simply because its free and nothing else.

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Solid_Snake-2979d ago

all the have to do is change the first letter from an S to a F.

lil Titan2979d ago

Sony Computer Entrainment America rolls off the tongue oh well they still bringing those killer games im playing one now

Edito2979d ago

Agree with you SCEA just sounds better but if it's good for them i think in the end will be good for all sony followers...

ngecenk2979d ago

and in a few moment SNEA will launch Sony Network Entertainment Service... or SNES!

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solidsnake2222980d ago

SNEA? That sounds stupid! Come on Sony, stay SCEA

Oner2980d ago

If you think about it their NASDAQ/Stock echange name is SNE so to use SNEA is not that big of a deal and kinda makes sense.

TheLastGuardian2979d ago

I hope SCEA sticks around for the rest of gaming history. SCEA publishes alot of the best games ever made.

Just_The_Truth2980d ago

sounds like they're just taking greater steps to protect the Network portion like the Ps3 network terms might say you cannot under any circumstances hack or release anything having to do with the network portion so next time they don't even need to go to court or change the terms they'll just ban you for life clear cut.

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Queefy_B2980d ago

Whatever it is all of us here on N4G wish you well with your new name :)

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