Batman: Arkham City – The Little Hope for Heroes

Joycelin Arnold of GOS: "If you didn’t know by now there aren’t many “good” super hero games, especially ones adapted from comic books. We have Spider-man who keeps trying to be cool, but after his last movie that’s damn near impossible. There’s the lovable Man of Steel but…he’s busy with Smallville and whatever else it is he does. The only honorable mentions we have are DC Universe Online and Marvel: Ultimate Alliance, but those are reserved for certain types of gamers.

Then, of course, we come to the Dark Knight who loves to whisper his name ominously. Who, as of lately, just can’t seem to disappoint us. With Arkham City getting a release date, as well as constant speculation, I decided to take a trip back to Arkham Asylum."

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Chaostar2981d ago (Edited 2981d ago )

Infamous is another good super hero game, although I'm not sure if it was initially based on a comic book or vise-versa. Both Batman: AC and InFamous 2 are among my top five most anticipated games this year.

Edit: Didn't they already confirm no multiplayer?

CharlesDCI2981d ago

Infamous is a great game. Its not based off of anything, but there is a comic for it now that bridges the gap between Infamous and Infamous 2.

Looking forward to Arkham City though!

Chaostar2981d ago

Thanks I knew there was a comic involved somewhere. The cut scenes are also very comic influenced.