Really: Can't Keep the PlayStation Move In Stock?

C'mon GameStop, ain't nobody screaming for this ice cream.

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doctorstrange2982d ago (Edited 2982d ago )

Sorcery already. So far nothing's doing it for me with Move/Kinect.

LOGICWINS2982d ago

Yeah, I agree. Right now, the only thing that would make me outright buy Move would be Move support for Uncharted 3 and/or Starhawk.

Klipz-Wish2982d ago

I dont know I said the same about Killzone and Socom. The problem is there really isn't any incentive at least for me personally to buy move. You can already play these games with a Dualshock so most people won't bother with the investment.

What move needs is games that are exclusive such as Sorcery. To get people to actually say "Okay I need this to play this game"

LOGICWINS2982d ago (Edited 2982d ago )

"What move needs is games that are exclusive such as Sorcery. To get people to actually say "Okay I need this to play this game"

Exactly. The issue is that so far, we haven't seen Move exclusive games that match the production values or scope of a full-fledged PS3 exclusive. I mean Sorcery looks good...but I wouldn't buy Move just to play it. Heck, with that money I could buy Uncharted 3, The Last Guardian, MK9, Starhawk, and Agent.

MysticStrummer2982d ago

"What Move needs is games that are exclusive" Agreed, but they should also make it obvious on the leaderboards of MAG, KZ3, Socom4, etc who is using the Move. If people are able to dominate with it, which they supposedly are, then others will want to get in on that action.

hiredhelp2982d ago (Edited 2982d ago )

Sales who ever wish to buy the move.if kinnect sales well, kinnect sales well fair enough. but there no denying that theres no game support witch are being added frequently. if anyone can show me a list of kinnect that be cool.
----------------------------- --------------------
PS Move Required Games
The Shoot ,The Fight: Lights Out,Kung Fu Rider,
Move Heroes,Sports Champions,Get Fit With Mel B,
EyePet,Start the Party,TV Superstars,Sorcery
----------------------------- --------------------
PSN Titles
Echochrome II
Flight Control HD
High Velocity Bowling
Planet MiniGolf
Planet Minigolf - Stronghold Island
Hustle Kings
Auditorium HD
Modern Combat: Domination
Beat Sketcher
Sackboy's Prehistoric Moves
Blue Toad Murder Files
Oddworld: Stranger's Wrath
----------------------------- -------------------
Time Crisis: Razing Storm
TRON: Evolutioni
Heavy Rain
Killzone 3
SOCOM 4: U.S. Navy Seals
Dead Space 2
Cabela's Dangerous Hunts 2011
Resident Evil 5: Gold Edition
LittleBigPlanet 2
The Sly Collection
Lord of the Rings: Aragorn's Quest
Toy Story 3 The Video Game
No More Heroes: Heroes' Paradise
De Blob 2
Zumba Fitness
Yoostar 2: In The Movies
Michael Jackson The Experience
Dance Dance Revolution
SingStar Dance Party Pack
High Velocity Bowling
MLB 11: The Show
Virtua Tennis 4
Brunswick Pro Bowling
Top Spin 4
John Daly's ProStroke Golf
Tiger Woods PGA TOUR 12
Tiger Woods PGA Tour 11
NBA 2K11
----------------------------- ------------------
Playstation "Only does" hardcore softcore family entertainment. and anything in between.

malandra2982d ago (Edited 2982d ago )

as if someone is any gaming website/forum/blog is screaming for Kinect

I know people at work who bought Move and only used it for Sport Champions, they're gamers and they're happy with it

if one thing I learned from movie sites is that you should never believe that the internet popularity is in any way a reflection of real popularity

otherwise, Serenity and Grindhouse would've been blockbusters

ElementX2982d ago


You can't really claim Dead Space 2 uses Move because it's only in the Extraction game which is a bonus on the disc. Sly Collection has a few stupid minigames that use Move, not the whole game. Right now LBP2 only uses Move for a few bonus levels, not the whole game.

pixelsword2982d ago

I don't really want move, Clifford B. and I pretty much concur on move for the most part except I see potential for it, but nothing out now motivates me to get move. Sorcery and RTS games are the only games I would get move for, then I would try it for MAG and other games that have Move support, but probably not before.

Sorry, I don't see the advantage of Move/Wii/Kinect over a standard controller. Sixaxis is good and underused, so why would I get a controller just to have it's features underused? If Sony wants to have Move... move off of the shelves, they'd better show greater support for motion control on the Sixaxis first.

badz1492982d ago

but KZ3 with MOVE is nothing but AWESOMENESS!

jadenkorri2982d ago

the problem with move is change, alot of people don't like change, example is Lair, when first launched was forced to use six-axis to fly, and we all know how lair did. IMO it was an great experience and I cant imagine playing Lair any differently, but we all know the huge outcry for dual analogs on that game. I've tried Killzone 3 with Move, and immediately went back to the controller cause it was more comfortable.

TheDivine2981d ago (Edited 2981d ago )

Yea i wont ever get move unless they make exclusives for move only. More than sorcery(which only looks okay). Look il grab kinect because it has like 10 exclusives coming up i want, yea id prefer a controller but its kinect only thus me buying it. Wheres the ps3 move exclusives? I dont wana play kz3, re5, or socom with move, why the hell would someone pick move/wiimotes over controllers? Move needs games period. When i play fps on wii i use a clssic controller cause it works better and is more fun. Now if they did something creative like the other m for move id be intersted but for now its tacked on without bieng creative or innovative.

dragon_rocks2981d ago


Of that huge list you had to cherry pick few and point out that they are not 100% move supported? Well I'll say something better than nothing. If someone has Move and want to play those few supported levels then good for them. What the other poster was mainly trying to show was Sony is trying to push Move usage as much as possible.

hiredhelp2981d ago

Thas exactly what i was trying to show.

Obviously i dont own a 3rd of all these games but this was a list of all supported games for the move witch shows. they are able to do if the developers want to a wide range of gameing styles.

And i understand it is hard useing the move if you been with a pad for many years. it was me. thats why i only play certan games
like killzone 3 great for sp but multiplayer too frantic. so i may buy the sharpshooter.

TheLastGuardian2981d ago (Edited 2981d ago )

Sorcery is a must buy for me. I have to have something to play with Move besides Killaone 3, Heavy Rain, The Sly Collection, Sports Champions and Sackboy's Prehistoric Moves.Hopefully Media Molecule will release some levels and creation tools that integrate Move and navigation controllers.

I'm going to rent Playstation Move Heroes even though it doesn't look that good. I'm sure Sony has more Move games to reveal at E3.

Edit: That's not such a bad list of Move compatible games up there but you left out Funky Lab Rat and a few others. I didn't even know Oddworld: Stranger's Wrath HD had Move support. I predict 2012 will have some amazing Move required and compatible software.

Jaces2981d ago

Uncharted 3 and Starhawk....really?

Ok you have fun with that I guess. I have a MOVE controller and Nav but only because I had a gift card ;P The few games it does have are pretty good and they're only going to get better.

Right now I'd honestly suggest you to buy Tumble, and Extraction. Not much else right now, Sorcery looks promising as does Child of Eden.

ThanatosDMC2981d ago

I tried to play MAG with Move but i just could kill as much since it auto aims towards the body even though I'm aiming for the head. So i just gave up on it and resumed my normal killing sprees on the dualshock. Headshots are the best way to kill clans wearing full fatsuits and shotgun combo.

I also played Move with the RE5 Gold Edition. It's ok and feels the same once you get used to it.

gamingdroid2981d ago

I want quality experience with PS Move which means, if a controller can do it better and PS Move doesn't really add to the immersion, why bother?

The only game so far that seems to do that is Sorcery. Sports Champion do it partially, but really needs two PS Move (wands) controllers and I could play it on the Wii.

So Sony needs to come up with something original here that appeals to me (we have all seen the tech before in the Wii more or less) make it games or interesting use for the technology.

Merely dumping it in a bunch of games doesn't really make me want to switch from the regular controller.

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Anon19742982d ago

"Sony on the other hand, has been struggling since day one with the PlayStation Move."

Based on what?

"If it were selling like Bartel would like you to believe, Sony would be singing from the mountain tops of its success like Microsoft."

Why would you think that? Sony rarely discusses numbers outside of their reporting season. They aren't Microsoft who love to pound their chests about anything. "We had another good NPD month! We're king of the world!"

"Sony needs to find a new strategy for the PlayStation Move - what they're doing right now just isn't working."

Again, based on what?

I'm all for opinion articles, but shouldn't these opinions be, you know, based on something? Sony revealed impressive numbers for Move. Gamestop can't keep them in stock. I still keep my eyes open for them and I've only seen the individual controllers in stock once since they launched, and that was just last week in my area.

This article wants us to believe that something is wrong, yet without a shred of evidence. In fact, all the evidence points to the contrary. If you can't back up your opinion with anything, maybe it's time to rethink your opinion. Just a thought.

brew2982d ago

I agree. Sony didn't come out and pound their chests about their Ferbruary NPD numbers , yet they apparently sold 400k pS3's. That seems like a significant about of hardware to me.

Just because one thing is selling more(or even way more) than another doesn't mean that the lesser seller isn't a success in its own right.

DaTruth2981d ago

They won't let him have that bubble! I never see him flagged as troll and have many times seen him with "well said", yet his bubble count remains at one!

Darkride and Morgan can't buy a bubble on N4G!

Philaroni2982d ago

If you like RTS games RUSE works very well with move, much better then a standard controller does.

Ju2981d ago

If you like shooter games Killzone 3 works very well with move, much better than with a standard controller.

Highlife2982d ago

I have kids so I bought it. For me it is ok. It is a fun family thing. But if I am gaming on my own I want DS3.

gypsygib2981d ago

Try KZ3, it's amazing with Move.

Ju2981d ago (Edited 2981d ago )

I want ALL shooters (from now on) to support Move like KZ3 does. It is hard to go back to DS3 once you are used to Move.

Nathaniel_Drake2981d ago

KZ3 never worked for me as much as RE5. I do better with 3rd person shooters with Move than first person

gypsygib2980d ago

@ Ju:

Me too, just finished playing some Crysis 2 MP then went over to KZ3 with Move and the control is sooooo much better. Really it's like night and day when it comes to accuracy and movement.

Move is revolutionary for FPS games, I can get multiple headshot in a row right after doing a 180.

Redempteur2981d ago

i have a move and 6 games ... feels good .the only downside is that my newphew is enjoying eyepet too much .

Nathaniel_Drake2981d ago

RE5 with the Move should change your mind. It's amazing how great the game is when changing from DS3 to Move. Socom 4 also looks like it's going to be spectacular

Sheddi2981d ago

Playing KZ3 with move is awesome! u should try that, think u might like it.

klashawnd2981d ago

Average KDR with DS3 - .80 to 9.0 (I'm constantly getting owned in shooters)

KDR in Killzone 3 with Move - 1.10+

So yeah I'm still getting owned but I'm owning more than getting owned now with the Move. And my KDR gets better every day.

So for me, Move is definitely worth it, I don't think I can even go back to the DS3 now!

frostypants2981d ago (Edited 2981d ago )

Microsoft did NOT "sell" 10,000,000 Kinect units to consumers. They "shipped" 10,000,000...aka "sold to stores".

Microsoft has never reported sold to consumers. They sure as hell didn't just change their minds with Kinect. Sold to stores/shipped always looks better on paper, and they always report that number.

No doubt Kinect is selling better than Move, but neither is lighting the world on fire.

FinalSpartan2981d ago

lol move is a major flop. I nearly forget it existed.

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sku7790tz2982d ago ShowReplies(3)
Silly gameAr2982d ago (Edited 2982d ago )

I can't believe someone felt the need to write an article like this.

Sev wrote this? Seriously? Weird.

GrandTheftZamboni2982d ago

Sev, what did you do to real Sev?

Ju2981d ago (Edited 2981d ago )

I know "my" Sev handles Move reeeaallly well, though...maybe Sev should change his name.

Arkham2981d ago (Edited 2981d ago )

WTF. Sev.

cliffbo2982d ago (Edited 2982d ago )

why don't we get follow up articles like this for the 360?


i realize that and i do believe it, but it's almost as if this site just can't handle good news for Sony.

and there is not really that much of a risk for devs. the MOVE is simply another controller option. devs can simply add MOVE support to upcoming games until the user base of the MOVE hits a decent amount and 'then' they can commit. Sony are a long term company.

even when Sony overtake the 360 at the end of this year, people will still be writing about the failed :insert something that Sony make: based on American numbers (which, incidentally, are nothing like the Wii effect MS were hoping for)

LOGICWINS2982d ago (Edited 2982d ago )

Because Kinect is currently building a LARGE install base. The Move on the other hand isn't because it didn't have enough marketing behind it. At this point in time, the Move has a very small install base..which means devs will be more hesitant not only to make exclusive Move games but also UNIQUE Move games.

If your a fan of Move, you should DEFINETLY read this article.

@cliffbo- How does pointing out that Move isn't reaching its potential mean that the site can't handle good news for Sony? If anything, all they want to see is Move DO BETTER!

Sev2982d ago

Whoa! LOGIC definitely gets it. This article was meant to point out that developers aren't doing enough with it to make it exciting. And thus, it isn't selling.

I'm not a big fan of Kinect, but so far the hacker community has shown that it has much more potential than what developers have done with it.

brew2982d ago

Who says it isn't selling ?

jukins2982d ago

i think the devs have supported move more than kinect regardless of unique or not. how true kinect games have devs put any thought into just a money grabber. im sure the move didnt sell 10 million like kinect but its like ppl seen move sell 4 million and it all the sudden stopped selling. if anything isnt reaching its supposed potential its kinect it was supposed to be this new great thing. but the only thing its done is remove controllers from the game.

bananlol2982d ago (Edited 2982d ago )

The reason the hackers have done more amazing stuff than the developers is pretty apparent. the hackers have access to better hardware and most of all more ram.

Ju2981d ago

The "truth" - what ever that is (its usually an interpretation anyway) - if you go look up reports over holiday sales will show you Kinect actually sold way less than MS made us believe. Far away from those 10M was closer to 4-5 effectively. Which is really not so far off from Move. Compared to the hype what Kinect does Move sells extremely well. I don't understand all those Move is doomed articles.

Why don't you, Sev, just post a Move article every week how awesome it actually is playing KZ3.

And saying "Sorcery" is the only game really designed around move is a total BS.

Just because other games support a DS3 too, doesn't mean those were not designed for Move - or with Move in mind.

RUSE was designed for multi touch in the first place. And this maps quite will to Move. That said, this game was not (!) designed for a controller primarily.

KZ3's Move support was designed from the start with the game. And this shows. There is not tact on support for Move which resembles an emulated DS3 control scheme (even menus, etc). So, here again, this game was designed for Move.

Everything is always a matter of perspective. Glass is half full or half empty. Your choice.

clearelite2981d ago (Edited 2981d ago )

Move is selling well. At least one gamestop I frequent WAS often out of stock. However, it could be selling much better. A LOT of people are still on the fence about it and are "waiting for more games". I was just talking to one at gamestop yesterday. SO, either there aren't enough games, or people aren't well informed. IMO, probably both. Sony's marketing is not perfect and a couple key games could make a huge difference.
Sure, Sony is in it for the long haul. But, I will be kind of disappointed if this device doesn't live up to it's potential. If things continue as they are, it might not.
As a PS fan, it would be irresponsible of me to say they are doing everything perfectly. I want them to change and improve their strategy.

The article seems a bit off. I kind of agree that "what they're doing right now just isn't working." But, they are doing surprisingly well anyway.

frostypants2981d ago (Edited 2981d ago )

I don't want Move to succeed beyond its ability to complement core games. Otherwise, it might ruin the PS3 the way Kinect seems to be ruining the 360.

There already is a system for casuals: the Wii. Don't ruin the real consoles.

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