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The Mount & Blade series has acquired a reputation. As one of a very small number of PC exclusives, it stands out as a game with indie production values combined with studio ambition. The graphics are a generation behind, the combat is clumsy but realistic, single-player is open-ended and multiplayer is as compulsive as any AAA shooter. For those who haven’t played a Mount & Blade game, they’re historical RPG action-adventures. You travel across a map, visiting towns and cities, completing quests, earning gold, building a merry band of followers and slaying looters and bandits—eventually taking part in much larger battles and sieges involving entire armies.

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voice_of_ reason2981d ago

i really hope this game gets a AAA budget. i only played the first one, but as flawed as it was, it was a unique and awesome rpg. can you imagine how amazing it could be if it had financial support of like "big budget" games!?

kevnb2981d ago

Very few exclusives? lol, had to stop reading there when the pc.gets the.most.exclusives.

athmaus2981d ago

Wow this game looks good...can't wait to see more than of it

Prok2980d ago

Hmm hadn't heard of this one before.