7.0 Jikandia: The Timeless Land Review "In 2009, North America was treated to Opus Studio's first game that dealt with the concept of time, Half-Minute Hero. The game had players playing out 30-second mini-games under a variety of different play styles, including an old-school RPG and even a tactical strategy game. Instead of creating an immediate sequel, Opus Studio created a brand-new game with that core theme - Jikandia: The Timeless Land. But instead of mini-games, Jikandia revolves around the dungeon exploration genre. There's been a noticeable amount of these types of games as of late, so does Opus' spin on the genre provide players with a timeless classic or does this title simply fade into obscurity?"

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Selyah2978d ago

Sounds interesting, I did like half-minute hero so i'm kinda intrigued.

ShawnCollier2978d ago

Just don't go into it expecting the same craziness that was present in HMH.

Hardedge2977d ago

Half Minute Hero was pretty flippin' awesome :D

mephman2977d ago

Definitely. I loved HMH.