CNN Says "3DS No Match For iPhone" catches CNN with their newest review on Nintendo's new handheld, comparing apples with Buicks, in which can only be described as plain ignorance or ingenious trolling. Sometimes, words can describe. Go watch the video today!

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darthv722984d ago

i mean really. 3ds doesnt make phone calls or bleeds your pocket dry on a monthly basis from useage fees.

Pixel_Pusher2984d ago (Edited 2984d ago )

Can the 3DS pump out visuals like these? Post up a link please.The iPhone will use the same processor and have the retina display.

more screenshots of what the A5 processor can do. and it looks like the A5 is on par with Sony's latest and greatest upcoming PSP.

user8586212984d ago (Edited 2984d ago )

ipad screenshots.... are you being serious??

ahhh that feels better :)

Reibooi2984d ago

Yes because the 3DS was OBVIOUSLY made to make phone calls and play half assed tacked on games the majority of which are fads or don't work well to being with...

Really people the iPhone is NOT A GAMING PLATFORM. just because you can download some games on it doesn't make it a dedicated gaming device and it SHOWS the majority of the games that try to be real games that are released on the thing are crap for one reason or another. Sure there are a few big causal hits but they are nothing the DS hasn't already done or could easily do.

Kyur4ThePain2984d ago

"just because you can download some games on it doesn't make it a dedicated gaming device "

So, the 360, PS3, PSP etc are not dedicate gaming devices? Because I can do a sht load more on them than play games.
What is a dedicated gaming device?

Pixel_Pusher2984d ago (Edited 2984d ago )

the screenshots were to illustrate the boost in visuals of the A5 processor and since the iPhone is going to use the it.

so the iPhone is not a gaming platform? why's that? because it doesn't have little thumbsticks and buttons? software is software brah.

(still no links but plenty of disagrees lol)

radphil2984d ago (Edited 2984d ago )

@Kyur4ThePain & Pixel_Pusher

Ask yourself what's the main functionality of the electronic?

When one thinks iPhone, the FIRST idea that pops into their head is

360/PS3/DS/PSP.....a gaming device.

We might as well call cars - Portable MP3 players if you consider how you guys rate the functionality of things.

In Japan people play a lot of games on the cell phone, but they don't necessarily consider a specific device a dedicated platform. It's a genre, called mobile gaming.

The reason why they keep comparing sales of games, is because common sense dictates that selling something at $2 vs something at $60...what do you think is going to sell more in numbers? They don't use even grounds to even consider things on.

I'll quote from what I read on an article a while back about mobile gaming vs dedicated:

"It's not that games on phones or tablets are better than what you see on Sony and Nintendo's handheld systems—it's that for many travelers they're GOOD enough."

cgmike2984d ago

@PixelPusher "software is software"?

Ok, lets play Street Fighter 4 for MONEY. You use an "iDevice" for input, I'll use a controller.

Winner take all. Whadya say? [crickets]

Not hatin on iDevices either. I own an iPhone, but you'll NEVER catch me prefering to play an input heavy game (like SF4) on it over a game-centric machine.

Hardware is hardware.

Jio2984d ago

@Pixel_Pusher Children like you dont have fond memories. You grew up with iPhones to play games, cheap $1 games that are disposable within a single play through. Unlike you though, I value handheld gaming, believing that the iPhone is not a real gaming machine. Of course its more powerful than the 3DS, because it has to do things like make phone calls, text, internet, point is, its not a video game machine and it never will be. You can keep pointing out how "amazing" the graphics are, but it will never be on the same level as the 3DS and NGP; the true handheld game machines.

radphil2984d ago (Edited 2984d ago )

Now I know the reviewers are late to the party:

"On top of the 3D, the actual graphics are pretty good, a lot better than the [?] dated stuff you saw on previous Nintendo game devices. Definitely not Playstation 3 quality, for instance, but they've definitely reached a point where even hardcore gamers... like me, for instance, who grew up on Halo, won't mind playing around with this thing. "

"like me, for instance, who grew up on Halo"

"who grew up on Halo"


I don't have an issue with Halo, but come on...something tells me I'm much older than the author....Which makes me feel really old now..

Sano642983d ago

Iphone will never be good for gaming until they add a D-pad and buttons! I have the new Ipod touch and bought street fighter 4 and is sucks! I need control

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Hisiru2984d ago

He is right guys. You can play REAL games on the 3DS (and not on the Iphone) but you can't use it as a phone, so Iphone is better to make calls.

If you want a good phone, the 3DS is no match for Iphone. That's what he is trying to say.

Daavpuke2984d ago

But if that's what he's trying to say, why say it at all then? 3DS isn't a phone at all, so it's not an option when considering one. Seems pointless to me.

Hisiru2984d ago (Edited 2984d ago )

I was being sarcastic. There is no way a phone without physical buttons and cheap games can be a threat for NGP or 3DS.

You can buy an expensive Iphone 4 and then Apple will release an Iphone 5 and soon Iphone 6, just look at the current support for Iphone 3G or Ipod 2G users (sad, huh?). NGP and 3DS will give you more than 5 years of support and fun + buttons + big budget games (and not cheap/simple games) + amazing and known franchises like Gran Turismo, Mario, Zelda, Uncharted, Donkey Kong, God Of War, Killzone, Metroid and more.

Neckbear2984d ago (Edited 2984d ago )

You know, the sensationalist statement he did that this article is based on doesn't piss me off. In fact, most of his review is filled with stupid fallacies not even IGN could come up with, anyways. I mean, dude complains about 3D giving him an headache when he SETS IT TO MAX BECAUSE HURR, the STYLUS, goes to praise Apple again, and after that he cons the fact it uses cartridges, that in his fallacious words "weren't seen since the last GameBoy".

Picture related, however..

Dear god.

metsgaming2984d ago

machine built for games VS a device playing games that are no better than those on free flash game sites. Huh which one would logically be better, yea the machine built for games, iphone gaming is a joke. They are only fun for short periods and you should be paying money for them in the first place. They are just flash type games nothing amazing about them.

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SonyNGP2985d ago

*Repeatedly facedesks himself*

DolfZigglers2985d ago

Oh how they have no idea what Nintendo is all about. The 3DS is going to be another 100 million selling electronic device.

Merivigian2985d ago

Nor is the 3DS even... A PHONE.. CNN.. find something better to do, please. That's like saying "well this new Mitsubishi definitely isn't a Boeing."

Solidus187-SCMilk2985d ago

Ipad/phone is a phone/internet thing that plays cheap ass games, nintendo 3DS plays bigger budget games and has buttons in addition to touchscreen.

Try selling a big budget $30-$40 dollar game on an iphone/pad.....shit isnt gonna be bought.

Kamikaze1352984d ago

True, but it's like for every $40 game on the 3DS, there will be like 50+ $1 apps for the iPhone that people will be more than willing to buy. A lot of those app purchases are even impulsive purchases and can't be refunded like a 3DS game can (though I've heard few cases were app purchases were refunded).

starcb262984d ago

On Android you can get a refund for a purchased app before 24 hours pass.

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