Destructoid interview: IDG's Carolyn Rauch on E For All

When the Entertainment Software Association announced that the glitz and glamor of the Electronic Entertainment Expo would be stripped in favor a more intimate "invite only" affair, reactions were mixed. While some were in favor of smaller, more low-key event, others were terrified of the implications.

Where would they see scantily clad women dressed up like their favorite Dead or Alive characters? Who would they have to hand them key chains for games that may never see the light of day? And how were they expected to sneak into the show if simply starting their own videogame blog wasn't enough to get them invited?

Earlier this year, IDG World Expo chimed in with their response: The ESA endorsed Entertainment for All expo, a three-day open-to-the-public event to take place on the ruins of the former E3, the Los Angeles Convention Center. No longer limited to videogame developers, retailers, and the media, E For All is an opportunity many gamers have waited for.

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