Castlevania: Lords of Shadow - Reverie DLC Review

The lack of combat and boss battles, and the not so great platforming with cheap deaths sticks more firmly close to mind than the good puzzles and great graphics. The ending was also a tease really solidifying the feeling that this was a cash in attempt at the expense of fans.

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Balt 2985d ago

I still haven't booted up the actual game since I got to that huge tree thing you had to night. It was like something ripped out of SOTC. It seemed fun and it looked good, I just couldn't get into it at the time. Need to go back to it. Hell, I've got over 40 disc based games and only beat like 4 of them. I have over 160 games sitting on my hdd from the PSN and haven't played half of them -- Sad.

Sitris2985d ago

You have to be joking about the 160 PSN games, that is ridiculous, I have bought every good PSN game available and I have only 45ish games.

Ahasverus2985d ago

I sadly agree witht his review

VenomProject2985d ago

As do I.

I'm one of the biggest LoS supporters, but this DLC didn't cut it for me.

Ahasverus2984d ago

It's very good but too expensive

gamelova2985d ago

It was a horrible DLC. LoS is one of my favorite games of this generation, but this DLC was too short, and really frustrating.

EcliPS32984d ago

How did you all play this already? It doesnt release until the 30th of March.

Baka-akaB2984d ago

uh ? it has been there for days now

EcliPS32983d ago

Well, I didnt know that. It said it was releasing on the 30th, check anywhere.

coryok2985d ago

i still need to get the game, so many good games coming out though...:( its gonna be tough :(

rogimusprime2985d ago

This is too bad. Hopefully the next DLC will be better.

Ahasverus2984d ago

The thing is, you can't play the next one if you haven't beat this :(