New faces for Xbox 360: The Official Magazine

Future, the UK’s leading games media group, today announces a raft of new appointments on Xbox 360: The Official Magazine (OXM), the UK’s biggest-selling games magazine.

Joining as Staff Writer is games industry legend Jon Blyth, whose CV includes The Guardian, PC Zone, Charlie Brooker’s production company Zeppotron and books TV Go Home and The Law Of The Playground, both of which have been made into TV series. The winner of multiple Games Media Awards, Jon returns to Future to bring his award-winning writing and video skills to OXM’s unique combination of print, online and video content.

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sku7790tz2978d ago

i bet these people will claim that kinect is the greatest ever. :)

Droid Control2978d ago

I stopped reading OXM in 2006. I loved the original team and OXM, but it all went down hill once a new team was started for this current gen of consoles.

The mag was suddenly filled with immature content, filler, and an inexplicable multitude of 9/10's.