Spong Preview: Mercenaries 2: World In Flames

Following the extreme of the original, Mercenaries 2 pits you as a privately contracted 'militant' out for revenge against his previous client - who ended up betraying him and leaving him for dead. Nice.

Whereas the original Mercenaries was set in Korea, this time around you're in Venezuela as you track down the guys who set you up. Throwing the political commentary coin into the development fountain (where did that analogy come from?), oil is the big commodity in Venezuela with the country. Naturally, some bigwig is screwing with the oil, which leads to international crisis. Gotta fix that too if you want the cash monies.

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Scythesean4496d ago

why does this person talk like it's only for 360 and PS2? When it's for PS3,360 & PS2 also Coop has been part of the game since a few weeks after the game was mentioned in developement.

shortax4496d ago

Who cares what they say blah blah 360 blah coop w/e......THIS IS GAME LOOKS SICK...when are they gonna start advertising for this game I have not heard anything about it too much