8.0 reviews Fight Night Champion has always been a fan of boxing video games. Maybe it’s because of their love for the Rocky films where they can relive the magic moments of knocking out some of cinema’s most memorable opponents like Clubber Lang or Apollo Creed. No, you won’t find any of these characters in the game but it still puts them in the ring with some of the greatest real world boxers of all time and gives them the opportunity to become their own champ just the way they have seen on the big screen.
Now don’t get them wrong, this is a simulation boxing game – or at least as real as you can find on any system. EA has carried over all that was right in the previous games and made it even better. “Fight Night Champion” is the best looking boxing game, if not one of the best looking sports titles ever released on a console. From the appearance of the boxers to the equipment they are wearing, there is amazing attention to detail. During the slow motion replays, you’ll see your opponent’s skin ripple from the impact of “Iron” Mike Tyson’s brutal fists. You’ll find yourself watching the replays over from every angle just to once again witness the power of your blows. The animations are silky smooth, the character renderings are accurate for the more than 50 licensed boxers and legends in the game, and the environments, ranging from prisons to the Atlantic City Boardwalk, pop like you’re witnessing a nice Friday night out at the fights.

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