11 Virtual Boy ads to tide you over until the 3DS launch

This Sunday, the 3DS invades the U.S., promising to change how we think about handheld gaming. But it isn't Nintendo's first foray into 3D technology; that honor goes to the Virtual Boy, the most uncomfortable, unappealing, and unwieldy system ever constructed.

Just like the 3DS, advertising the Virtual Boy proved problematic because 3D doesn't come across in recorded footage. Nintendo's learned a lot since then.

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Caligula3734d ago

I still feel bad for the Virtual Boy. It was a neat idea that just didn't fly.

Blad3star3734d ago (Edited 3734d ago )

This did not fly as well. Does that mean it was a good idea?

ilikestuff3734d ago

bladestar- quit taking pictures off my facebook and posting them here.

on a side note the virtual boy was pretty bad, all that red was pretty ugly

choadley3734d ago

File this under "What was Nintendo thinking?" Then again, I did own one.

guitar_nerd_233734d ago

I got to test out a 3ds at work today :P

Heres my little take on it:

It seems really good, Street Fighter plays perfectly and it's easy to pull of the moves with the circle pad as it seems more forgiving than a console controller (I play on PC with the tournamunt stick normally- not that I'm any good).

I can't comment on the 3d so much because of my lazy eye but on the camera mode (which seems like one the coolest and most fun features strangely) I jabbed my pen at the camera and that popped out a bit even for me.

If I could see in 3d properly I'd buy tomorrow as I can't I'll wait till they're closer to £100 and have more games that arn't ports.

maniac763734d ago

haha no 3d for lazy eyes

acronkyoung3734d ago

I still kind of want a Virtual Boy.