5 Metal Gear Projects Hideo Kojima Should Consider Besides MGS5

Andreas Asimakis writes, "According to PS3M, it seems that Hideo Kojima would be revealing two titles at this year’s E3. And aside from gamers’ hopes for a Zone of the Enders 3, a sentiment I could not agree with more, it seemed that the majority of the gaming sphere was convinced that Kojima-san would be unveiling Metal Gear Solid 5. Being a long time fan of the series, with Metal Gear being one of the first NES games I ever owned, I can honeslty say that I cannot get enough of Solid Snake and his espionage action. But if Metal Gear Solid 4 proved anything, it’s that Solid Snake’s era has indeed come to an end, that to continue the story of this worn-out warrior would only cheapen the emotional impact of his last mission’s conclusion. So I offer to Hideo Kojima, and to you my fellow readers, five Metal Gear projects that should be considered besides Metal Gear Solid 5."

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kyl2772985d ago

nah, thats all i gotta say

waltyftm2984d ago

I would love to see Metal Gear Ac!d 3 on the Ps3, Loved the first 2 games.

Nate-Dog2984d ago

Why can't Kojima do something different? He's gotten so much praise for the MGS series, and rightly so, but he's almost bleeding it now. I used to love Koji but he's caught up in his own hype and ego. He needs to do something different and show us what he can do, not just drag MGS on for years and years and years to come. It was supposed to finish with MGS2; it didn't. It was supposed to finish with MGS3; it didn't. It was supposed to finish with MGS4; it didn't. Peace Walker was supposed to show us the creation and use of Outer Heaven and finish that part of Big Boss's story; it didn't, as all we got was (only barely) the beginning of OH. How many more MGS games do we need? At the moment we've had 6 released and it looks like we'll have at least 2 more in the Rising games (since Matsuyama seems determined to make a series out of it before he's even developed the first game) and who knows how many MGS games Kojima has left to announce. I really do love MGS but it's just going too far now. MGS4 really was supposed to be the end: of Snake's story and of MGS. But I don't think either are over by a longshot.

NotSoSilentBob2984d ago

How about a Trophy Patch/removal of Konomi ID from the MGO section.