Digital Spy: Asphalt 3D review

Digital Spy writes: "The Asphalt 3D experience is a mixed bag, with more ups and downs than a San Francisco street course. The meaty career mode and wide variety of races and courses will keep players entertained for quite some time and swapping lap times and ghost performances with other 3DS users increases the longevity of a title already brimming with content. Unfortunately, the 3D effects, while initially quite impressive, serve only to paper over the graphical cracks, the controls make the latter courses a crippling affair - in more ways than one - and the lack of a proper online mode is a touch disappointing. Overall, Asphalt 3D is an entertaining, albeit unoriginal launch title that just fails to hit top gear."

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Jio2978d ago

I love the 3DS, but Asphalt 3D makes the 3DS look like garbage.