Xbox 360's Kinect 'Continues to See Very Strong Demand,' Growing Publisher Support

Microsoft recently announced that it shipped 10 million Kinect units to retailers. The company clearly has a lot of momentum behind its motion control platform, and comments from retailer GameStop today backed that up.

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donniebaseball2980d ago

It's amazing what Microsoft's marketing budget has allowed them to do with this. It's really taken off.

Blad3star2980d ago

I have not bought one yet but I think Child of Eden will change that.

JayD-1K2980d ago

They were practically giving them away with the "win one every 15 minutes" at Burger King.

Well now, i have all the motion controls one man could ever need....or want! lol
Move, Wii, Kinect....gotta catch them all! lol

LOGICWINS2980d ago

Good to see that Kinect is widening the appeal of gaming.

green2980d ago

My sis walked in to GAME UK, tried the Kinect sports demo and bought a a 4gig kinect bundle on the spot with Dance Central and Your Shape fitness evolved. A month on, she is totally in love with it and this is a girl that since we were kids has never understood what i have liked in gaming and has always frowned upon my gaming habit.

So happy to see that the market is growing and if its motion controls are the reason, then i am glad that they exist.

marison2980d ago (Edited 2980d ago )

I totally agree with you. If our beloved market expands to 3 billion people in the next 20 years, we could have much more hardcore games, a niche on a market this big.

I hope that Wiimote, Move and Kinect help us arrive on a market with 40% of the world population.

I always like that my wife, for the first time, use the Xbox with me away. She tell me about achievements that she get and all the stuff any gamer would be proud.

Mystogan2980d ago (Edited 2980d ago )

Kinect will allow developers to earn more money on good games.
for example:
Halo 4 is probably gonna sell a lot more then all other halo cuz Casuals will want to try it out,(i doubt that they will want to play kinect-only games forever) if they get hooked they will go from casual gamer to core gamer.
Thus resulting into more Core games.

I don't understand people who are saying that casuals will doom Xbox, i believe the contrary.

Blad3star2980d ago

My guess is that 90% of Kinect sales are from the casuals - can you imagine how much more it will sell if MS releases some good hardcore games.

Mustang300C20122980d ago

Rather then guess you should probably read the many reports that say the "core" owners have actually bought the majority of Kinect. Not even going to argue. You have the internet and plenty of search engines to look it up.

gamingdroid2980d ago

Now all we need is some fantastic games for the core. The casual games are fun in a casual setting, but I want some core experiences.

I know it is a little too soon, but I can't wait. I hope some hybrid (Kinect + controller) games are coming soon!

Stealth20k2980d ago (Edited 2980d ago )

widening the appeal of gaming. And narrowing 360 worldwide sales and exclusive games. GAMES remember those things?

And its pretty much bombed in japan and europe. The US is the only place its selling. So far the only company support is ubisoft, EA, microsoft,1 sega game which hasnt seen the light of day.

Did I miss anything?

By the way before you call me a fanboy I despise move just as strong, but sony is only making the thing optional and has exclusive games in every genre

i also own every console.I love my 360, but kinect isnt helping bringing great games to the system. Its hurting

Senden2980d ago

This tbh.. by widening the appeal of gaming (which does nothing for me personally) it's effecting the amount of good quality exclusives that's coming out on my console of choice.

I'm all down for kinect being popular and introducing new people to the world of gaming but not when it's at the expense of it taking up AAA quality game resources into making craptastic cheap wii clones.

gamingdroid2980d ago

It is a flawed idea to believe that because something exist it pulls resources away from something else. If anything, it should bring in more money to the publisher to fund their game development, casual or core.

That is overall a win for the industry.

As it is, most core games bomb anyhow and only a handful of sequels are successful each year.

If it weren't for the casuals, the gaming industry would be in decline and people might just look elsewhere for their investment.

moparful992980d ago

@gamingdroid.. If your so sure of that then please tell me how the market survived for sooo long before the recent rise of casual gaming??? Casual gaming is a "trend" within the industry and as with any other trend more people are becoming gamers as a result.. I love how people are crediting casual appeal as the sole reason for the recent boom in gaming but gaming has seen year over year growth ever since the nes first exploded onto the scene... My point is this the industry is in a state symbiotic balance.. You can't have the industry without the casual or the hardcore gamer.. The core gamer is responsible for a bulk of "Additional" income that the industry sees.. DLC, ACCESSORIES, SUBSCRIPTIONS (live gold, ps+), etc.. Casuals buy alot of games in general, especially low budget cheap games that turn alot of profit for devs.. At the end of the day the idustry is thriving because of ALL GAMERS not certain ones... Get it straight...

RBlaze2980d ago

"It has pretty much bombed in Europe".

LOL! Not in the UK. Try using one... you might be suprised.

Senden2980d ago

Surprised that it's fun? Ok please name me three games which i'd personally find fun and wouldn't get boring withing the first thirty minutes of playing?

It's about the games games games for me and jumping up and down trying to knock balls back doesn't really do it for me. Dance Central looks like the only game worth getting and being a guy, dancing around in my living room to a computer game doesn't have much appeal to me other than some drunken fun with your mates at predrinking.

RBlaze2980d ago (Edited 2980d ago )

Lol you make a good point, dude!

In fact, the main time I use it is when I've got mates around and we're pre drinking so there is no denying that!!

But I know that whenever I'm home for a while it's good. I mean, it gets people out of a chair! My mum and dad are both near sixty and they're usually happy to get up and play it so it's nice to see that sort of thing.

I am by no means saying it's for 'hardcore' games... Or that it will ever do that! [EDIT: I've been playing those 'hardcore' games for a while] But i'm just saying that some people who really dislike it because it's gimmicky might actually enjoy it :).

moparful992980d ago

I've personally used it and I didnt like the selection of games I tried.. I played the bowling game and the novelty of seeing the character on screen move when you do wore off very fast.. Once I realized that the only thing you can do is roll the ball then I got bored.. I could even put english on the ball.. So I tried Joy Ride and that game was a mess.. The care would steer the opposite direction I was turning and I really didn't like the auto acceleration.. all you do is steer and jerk your body to do tricks in the air.. I hated that game... Kinect was a failure for me...

Capdastaro2980d ago

Eh bombed in Europe?

Care to back up your bullshit?

hoops2980d ago

EA and Ubisoft are the two largest game developers on the planet so thats a good start LOL

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Psychonaughty2980d ago

Defo will buy one as soon as there's a killer app on it, really need to lose the weight as well!

gta_manic2980d ago

there buying the cam, but are they buying the games?

Trroy2980d ago

Except for Dance Central... no.

Wikkid6662980d ago

Hmmm... especially since Dance Central isn't the top selling title.

Trroy2980d ago (Edited 2980d ago )

The only titles selling better are the bundled game (Kinect Adventures) and Kinect Sports (which seems like a no-brainer purchase with Kinect itself, like Wii Play was for the Wii).

The rest of the titles have half the sales of Dance Central, at best. Dance Central is at about 1.8M so far, which I think qualifies as a decent run. The rest of them... not so much.

guigsy2980d ago

Dance Central and Kinect Sports have both sold over a million. That's pretty high for a couple of launch titles.

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