Duke Nukem Forever... unfortunately

Press T for Type: The depictions of women in this game are both stereotyped and sexist. Women are merely objects to fight for, if only so that the character can have something “fun” to do on his time off from punching aliens in the crotch.

“But that’s the point,” say my male friends on steam, insisting I am taking this too serious and it’s just a game that’s meant to be sexist and immature.

Maybe so, but that doesn’t make it any less offensive or any more justified.

Am I overreacting to the sexist imagery in this game? Afterall it is just a game, some say, but I feel that when 40% of the online gaming community is female and there are young teen girls playing video games, having imagery in which women are objectified and having a game that is obviously made for 12-year-old boys (despite its 17+ rating) really does nothing to help solve the issue we find of sexism in the gaming community. Not to mention the kind of messages being sent about racism and homophobia. Let’s not even start on that! (Come on, a blond beefy guy standing next to a semi nude – and possibly ditzy – women with an American flag behind them?…really?)

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Mr_Bun2984d ago (Edited 2984d ago )

Judging from the trailer, this seems to be a "proper sequel to Duke Nukem 3D". Is it sexist...yes, is it immature...yes, is it inline with what fans of the series have come to expect....YES!

I understand why female gamers wouldn't be into this, but they aren't the target demographic. It would be identical to me complaining about how I wouldn't enjoy Pokemon games...they aren't intended for me.

kyl2772984d ago

Get over it and stop trying to be a white knight.