The Nintendo 3DS low down!

Just a simple review of Nintendo 3DS.

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darthv722983d ago

the first gen games only tell part of the tale. As time passes, the games get better and yet it is still the same hardware.

Reviewing hardware seems a bit pointless because of that simple fact. The hardware never really changes. It's when the programmers learn how to use it that we see the cream rise to the top.

Stealth20k2983d ago

portables from nintendo always start slow but finish amazing

Queefy_B2983d ago

Also its about 100 quid overpriced.

maniac762983d ago

its not overpriced,ur just cheap. i would have thought it was gonna be 250£ plus 30-40£ a game. anyway if ur buying it just for the 3d then ur kinda dumb lol.