Can you tell the difference between GT5 and real life?

Chris Powell from ps3fanboy writes.

"The graphical line separating video games and real life has been getting thinner and thinner with each passing console generation, and the Gran Turismo series always seems to be the one leading the charge.

Harnessing the PlayStation 3's graphical power, Gran Turismo 5 features the most realistic graphics to date. So real, in fact, that many people can't tell the difference between an image from GT5 and its real-life counterpart. To prove this, a Neo GAF forum member created a quiz featuring screens from GT5 and GT5 Prologue that will have you staring inches away from your monitor trying to discern the difference."

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marinelife94124d ago

11 out of 15. But I kind of cheated on some. One you can see part of a Gran Turismo license plate. On another you could see the GT pit crew members working on the car. And some of the screenshots just looked familiar from what I've seen before.

popup4124d ago

^Same here, the familiar GT pics with the garage background and the tiled streets gave it away.

I got 10 but if the cars had been cut out or new exclusive screens had been used that number would have been way lower. The track can give it away a bit but I would rather use track polygons on the cars because its a game about cars (!).


I cheated also, GT logo, the guys working outside the car, some sceneries... 13 of 14. The 15th are both the same.

secret4123d ago

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nice_cuppa4124d ago

gt5 cars look picture.
gt5 cars look really replay.
gt5 cars look game.

gt5 track look meh !

this is my opinion.
if yours is different thats great.

Alvadr4124d ago

I agree with your opinion on the tracks.

However the cars you see in the picture are the same models used in the game/replays. Which means they are all Great.

synce4123d ago

What should the tracks look like, in your opinion? PGR4's? I hope you know this is a racing sim. Real life circuits - are - that bland.

PopEmUp4123d ago

You forgot something
GT5 feel great!

BaMYouRDeaD4124d ago

That's simply amazing. I only got 4 right on the quiz out of 15 =P

SWORDF1SH4124d ago

i got 8. and thats only because i rekonosed some stuff in th e picture from trailers like the brick paved floor and one of the pit crews knee


but I actually look at pavement and external environment for clues. I'm pretty sure that by looking at cars alone will give me only 3-4

InMyOpinion4124d ago

I actually got 14/14. They did'nt tell me if the last one was right but I'm pretty sure it was.

TalyngarTheBlack4124d ago

Polyphony never disappoints. Can't wait for Prologue and then next year the glorious GT5.

emaddox844124d ago

I thought I got them all, but I got 11 of 15.

Keowrath4124d ago

wonder if we got caught out on the same ones.