Final Fantasy XIII-2: What The Hell Are They Thinking?

GameBlurb writes, "When news broke that Final Fantasy XIII was getting a sequel, fans were up in arms about the decision. A trailer sent fans over the edge and forced some people to record their conversation in hopes of it getting animated. This is one of those animations."

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junk3d2982d ago

Was XIII a really good game? I hear a lot of mixed reviews about it.

liquidxtension2982d ago

I bought it with all the hype that surrounded it. Let's just say I still need to finish the game.

NewMonday2982d ago

It was an 8, good but not up to the usual FF standard, lack of freedom was also a downer, exploration is an important part of an RPG, this was available in chapter 11 only, which I spent almost half of my time on the game in.

My problem with the story was too much drama to little plot, and most of the plot was in text only inside the glossary.

DragonWarrior2982d ago

A person who probably only started gaming this gen would give it an 8. As someone who's been playing the series since the NES era, I'd give this game a 5. And thats only cause it was a very pretty game. Other than graphics this game felt nothing like a FF. It felt like a new IP that had a crappy combat system and boring ass story. Also, saying this game is linear is an understatement. FF1 was an open world game compared to this turd. Anyone who buys FF13-2 is doing nothing but hurting gaming as a whole. It just means Squeenix will keep on shitting out more turds like this. Thanks to you noobs rpg gaming is dying a slow and horrific death. Thanks. Thanks alot.

kreate2982d ago

i agree with dragonwarrior.

square ripped out a lot of content from 13.
and im assuming they're just using those
content to make a sequel.

basically, using trash to make a game.
they just want the money and using the final fantasy name to do so without putting much effort in it.

why did final fantasy 13 take years and years to come out? and why is 13-2 taking 1 year to come out? wtf is up with that?

basically they're putting no work into it.
its bullshit.

Biggest2982d ago

I've been playing JRPGs and RPGs since 1995, and I still feel that XIII was an 8/10. For everything it removed, I feel it added something new and interesting. I was disappointed in the lack of towns and travel. I was excited by the weapon upgrading system and class building. I was extremely disappointed in the lack of movement options. Who thought run, run, and chocobo run were good options? I was extremely satisfied by the battle system. The story was no worse than any other Final Fantasy stories, and thanks to the advanced graphics it was expressed in a vivid and almost believable fashion. It is a solid game. Obviously some people didn't enjoy it. I am excited for XIII-2. I'll be done with Xenogears and Vagrant Story pretty soon. I need more RPGs without first person view and guns.

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Marceles2982d ago

The fighting was fun, the story was horrid.

Ingram2982d ago

Sorry to disagree, the fighting was a semi-automatic player-complacent show...

dragon822982d ago

It was only semi-automatic if you played it that way. There were plenty of combat options for you to use that made it alot of fun.

Sprudling2982d ago (Edited 2982d ago )

On the surface it was seemingly very basic, and my first reaction was disappointment, but I later realized how deep it actually was.

The problem is that its deepness is very unintuitive, so the less patient minds won't ever get to see what's going on beneath the "surface".

Even 90 hours in I figured out new ways to do better in combat. I had beaten everything there was to beat by then, so I had to play the game a second time just to try it out. And the second playthrough turned out to be the most enjoyable because of it - even though the game is linear for the first 30-40 hours.

In my opinion, one of the best real time combat systems of any game.

Of course, most people are going to disagree with this because they truly believe the "surface" is solid and that there's nothing on the other side.

Marceles2982d ago (Edited 2982d ago )

@dragon & Sprud

Exactly, if you think it's semi automatic then you definitely didn't play any of the later missions.

It's probably the best RPG game with an ATB system I've played where it felt like I was controlling everything in real time. The fighting and the graphics is all I can give it. A fighting system can keep me into an RPG, same with Resonance of Fate, but I couldn't care much for any of the characters.

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Troll-without-Bridge2982d ago

It has a 85% at gamesranking, so yes, its good all around.

FOXDIE2981d ago

or not!

The rating does not matter, because most reviewers who gave that crappy game more then 6/10 deserv to die!

Aarix2982d ago

I honestly enjoyed it very much. The music was great the visuals were stunning and I enjoyed the story even if it was hard to follow. alot of people hate it but maybe its because i havent played much of the older final fantasys.

Godmars2902982d ago

If it didn't have the Final Fantasy name, it would have been panned on all counts. Too many among the franchises fanbase defend it for that reason alone.

plb2982d ago

It's not bad but not great imo. It's linear to the extreme and nothing really to explore. Just one fight after another basically.

green2982d ago (Edited 2982d ago )

After 22 hours of torture, i finally gave up. While playing this game, it made me look back at Lost Odyssey and it made just reassured my already strong belief that Mist walker created a masterpiece in Lost Odyssey and reviewers genuinely owe that studio an apology.

nsnsmj2982d ago

To me XIII was good--not as great as past FF's though (which I've played all of). I only just bought the game this year though, hehe. I enjoyed the game from start to finish. I do agree with some of the complaints people have about the game, but my only gripe is the linearity.

If you can make it to Chapter 11, then you'll end up liking the game more. I stayed on Pulse for what seems like an eternity before I finally finished the story. Now after beating the game, I'm back on Pulse completing all the missions and grinding. To sum it up--Gran Pulse is great, the rest is....good.

nsnsmj2982d ago (Edited 2982d ago )

I also have to say. I thought the story was good. The mythology that Square created for Fabula Nova Crystallis is amazing though--so much so that I thought Square simply used real mythology (i.e. Norse) as a basis for XIII's story. Apparently it's something they created.

I'd encourage anyone to research Fabula Nova Crystallis' mythology. It's a lot richer and broader than the game made it out to be. Really interesting stuff. It should be a good indication as to what XIII-2 might be about.

elbeasto862982d ago

The game was fine. I played it every night after I got it. The story is forgettable but I like the combat system. Don't let people fool you, the combat is much deeper than just hitting X. There's that option, yes but you also have the option of choosing your own command. And you can't level past a certain point in chapters and pretty much each chapter boss you fight almost requires you to have your character maxed to that limit but the rest is strategy. And you don't always have 3 characters which means you rely more on strategy than just strength.

I could talk about this game all day but to put it simply I loved this game. Is it the best of the Final Fantasy's? Not even close. But it's a good game.

tigertron2982d ago

XIII is a great game, however it was dissapointing because we know Square-Enix could have done so much more.

I guess the biggest thing they can learn is to not show a trailer 4 years before the game comes out, which renders the finished product inferior in comparison.

I'm hoping they use XIII-2 as an opportunity to improve i.e. giving us more freedom as the levels were incredibly linear.

theonlylolking2982d ago

XIII IMO is a really good game. Most of the game is linear and that is fine for me as long as the game is good. About 65% of the game in and there is a huge open world section of the game but most people probably never reached that part or just ignored it.

thekiddfran2982d ago

A decent rpg,nothing too great. The story was too pretentious and some of the characters were awfull. The battle system was average but could be cool during some boss battles when the pressure is on. Im trying to plat the game now and it's awesome. So really the game gets good when you finish it haha!

zackacloud2982d ago

I love Final Fantasy XIII 2008 trailer

I Hate Final Fantasy XIII 2010 Xbox 360 limit

ThanatosDMC2982d ago (Edited 2982d ago )

It was the only game i traded in this console gen.

**deleted spoilers**

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Focker4202982d ago

I personally enjoyed FFXIII. Was it a traditional FF?? No, but I still thought it was a fun game. My favorite part was the battle system, it really keeps you on your toes. I'll definitely be picking up FFXIII-2

young juice2982d ago (Edited 2982d ago )

L1,down,down,X,L1,up,up, ic repeat.

every single battle can be won like this. even the boss fights.

Biggest2982d ago

Your bad. When you're interested in enjoying a game past winning a fight the easiest way possible, you should try again.

Marceles2982d ago

Get off auto battle and go play some of the later missions so you can see how fast your characters die.

jaidek2982d ago

I just really had an issue with the pacing of FF13, let's hope they learned a thing or two from that mistake.

Stealth20k2982d ago (Edited 2982d ago )

What a dumbass article. The first game sold more than an ff ever has and has a meta critic of 85

why wouldnt they make a sequel and improve everything?>

The game wasnt bad. The fanboys are bad.

@ below

I think it doubles 7's sales. All they need to do is make each character playable in battle, add some towns and interesting side stuff and its a 90+ game

Dno2982d ago (Edited 2982d ago )

Well it did sell a lot but im sure FF7 sold the most.

Other then that i agree completely with you. the game sold amazingly well and the score of 85 means its a great (not good, but great) title. The engine is there the need to finish the story is there and hopefully they can release it soon. Expect another 3-4 million sold and that is great sales.

Thats why they are making it.

@ above FF7 sold about 10-11 million. last i heard ff13 sold 6-7 million on 2 systems.

and again i completely agree if they add that stuff ill have to platiuam another FF title!!^^

shammgod2982d ago

Couldn't agree more with you guys...FFXIII was good. Hopefully, they work off of the positives. The trailer for FFXIII-2 looks sweet.

DragonKnight2982d ago

NO IT DIDN'T!! For the millionth time, in order to be the highest selling FF game ever, it has to sell MORE than 9.72 million units. FFVII has sold that aforementioned 9.72 million units worldwide, and FFXIII has only sold 6.33 million units worldwide. That's a difference of 3.39 million units. So again, FFXIII is NOT the best selling FF game ever. Hell, being multiplatform, it only barely oversold FFX which was PS2 only.

FFXIII SUCKS, end of story.

squallheart2982d ago

Actually I think it has to sell more than 9.72 seeing howw its on two consoles and FFVII was in 1 so it wouldnt be fair comparison. I bought FFXIII on launch day and honestly I cant get around to play it. I remember past FF games I couldnt contain my enthusiasm to play it and would look at the latest mags for more info. This one its different, I don't have that motivation so i stick to yakuza 3 and demons souls for now.

Troll-without-Bridge2982d ago (Edited 2982d ago )

This is when you discover if some people hate on FFXIII because of its flaws, of because they are just fanboys.

People with legit reasons to dislike FFXIII will obviously be on the lookout for XIII-2 with interest, in order to see if they have listened to feedback. Its simple really, lack of variety is easy to change, the battle system is easy add up.

So even if you hate FFXIII, why wouldn't you be looking forward to XIII-2?

christheredhead2982d ago

i enjoyed final fantasy 13. it was a decent game. not the most amazing game in the series but it was fun and im glad i played it. it could have been better and thats hopefully where 13-2 steps up and corrects all the problems from the 1st. they have a great chance to turn it around and create a better game than 13. thats the reason im looking forward to 13-2.

Aarix2982d ago

I always thought cause it went MP.

CherryLu-Chan2982d ago

I echo that it's a great post from Troll-without-a-Bridge.

Also, the game sold millions.

My bestie is a huge Final Fantasy fan, with tattoos to underline it. She said XIII is her favourite since 8 and was overjoyed when the sequel was announced.

I really need to play it more - I got stuck on the Odin battle O_o

I'm really hoping Hamauzu is doing the score again. One of the greatest video game soundtracks ever. Such an absolute pleasure to hear genius at work.

DragonKnight2982d ago

The answer to your question lies not in the game, but in Square Enix. They've proven time and again that they DON'T listen to fans, and THAT'S why people wouldn't be looking forward to XIII-2.

Take a look at X-2. It's pretty clear fans DID NOT ask for ANYTHING like that. If anything, fans wanted a prequel where you could play as Braska, Jecht, and Auron. Instead we get Brother's Angels. Even that is better than XIII because it had an excellent story to draw from in FFX as well as adding it's own twist to it. But FFXIII-2 is more a compensatory game than anything else.

But hey, you'll see for yourself.

Troll-without-Bridge2982d ago

FFX-2 had an amazing gameplay and replayability. If you ignore the story, which was pretty much absent. The battle system was amazing, the customization was top notch, the sidequests, the collectibles and the "new game +" made the game a very worthwhile experience.

Listening to fans is not synonym of "fan-fic" or "fan-service" which usually ends up sucking.

DragonKnight2982d ago

"If you ignore the story, which was pretty much absent."

I'm sorry but, did you just say to ignore the story of an RPG? And a JRPG at that? You're kidding right? *facepalm*

"The battle system was amazing."

No it wasn't. It was a standard FF battle system with the job class thrown in. If you thought it was amazing, you haven't played oh let's see... FFIII, FFV, FFTactics, FFVII, FFVIII, or FFX. All those games did FFX-2's battle system first. The ONE difference is changing jobs on the fly mid battle.

"the customization was top notch"

I'd say it's pretty standard for FF, but it's not horrible at least.

"the sidequests"

the game was a sidequest.

"the collectibles"

I can agree with this. Fighting Trema to get the Iron Duke was a pain in the a$$.

"new game +"

been there, done that.

Not listening to fans gets you FFXIII and the new Dante on DmC.

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