Kane & Lynch: Dead Men - CVG Preview "This is why they've kept quiet.."

The press rounds for Kane & Lynch: Dead Men have long been surrounded by a veil of discretion. The usual appearances at E3 and Leipzig have exposed the same familiar campaign levels, treading carefully as not to reveal too much of what the Heat-inspired shooter has to offer.

This is why they've kept quiet..

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Phish4030d ago

Glad I pre-ordered this game. Can't wait for it.

jtmill074030d ago

That is going to be SWEET!!!!!

PS360PCROCKS4030d ago

Meh...boring. Sorry but I mean I give them credit for trying to make new game types but all this encourages is the assholes that will shoot you at the start of a match just to be a d!ck and piss you off...I can clearly see it now, match starts, some fa* shoots everyone and gets all the money and if good enough he can escape without the team killing him. I dunna maybe it will work better than I think but I don't like the idea of at any second someone is going to shoot me while I am just trying to play.

jtmill074030d ago

Then you come back as a cop and shot him. Take his money and your money back.

fjtorres4030d ago

A real next-gen game in concept and gameplay, not just the 12th gussied-up sequel of a dead horse franchise.
I wonder if it'll have other scenario-based multiplayer options.