Does Every Game Really Need Multiplayer...?

GameBlurb writes, "Konami, braving through the horrible blindness that comes with having dollar signs in your eyes, starts kicking around ideas for a multiplayer Silent Hill. Discouraged, the single player game seeks a nice warm hole to go die in."

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junk3d2978d ago

I don't understand why the hell they do this. Dead Space 2 is a good example...the multiplayer was whack.

TurismoGTR2978d ago

Nope.. it just needs some replay value.

AAACE52978d ago

If they intend to charge $60, they need to have something extra in the package!

Winter47th2978d ago

Most times I never buy games that only have SP. To me the MP is that main attraction as a replay value and all.

TBM2978d ago

HELL NO, not every game needs multiplayer. i'll still take a good-great single player over multi any damn day of the week.

Kiroe2978d ago

The last few Silent Hills have been horrible. They should take the time used to develop multiplayer and put it toward making a good game.

morganfell2978d ago (Edited 2978d ago )

Exactly right Kiroe. Silent Hill Homecoming had everything we needed. Decent visuals, good story...except the geniuses as Konami decided they couldn't implement a standard control scheme.

There is no way anyone making a Silent Hill title should consider multiplayer if they can't add a simple thing called "Invert Aim" or "Invert Y Axis" to the game.

liquidxtension2978d ago

I would rather see them work on making a better single player experience than wasting time on multiplayer.

NYC_Gamer2978d ago

nope,because it ruins the quality of certain titles.

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The story is too old to be commented.