Two games bundled with every Xbox 360

The acclaimed Forza Motorsport 2 and Marvel Ultimate Alliance will both be included for the recently reduced prices of $349.99 for Xbox 360 and $449.99 for Xbox 360 Elite. Both bundles will be available at your favorite game retailer by the end of October.

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$449 for an xbox elite!?! Man that aint gonna sell, not with 399$ Ps3 regardless of what is bundled with it.

PimpHandHappy4491d ago

i thought i heard some fanboy say yesterday they where going to bundle COD4

that would have been way cooler then Forza and Marvel


still a nice bundle

BLaZiN PRopHeT4491d ago

im not a fanboy and i posted it as a rumor. and that was for EU the article is talking about the us

PimpHandHappy4491d ago

im sure u have more then one name and with a name like that ur going to need it....

hahahahahahaha 640p

hahahahahahaha 640p

Yea im going to wait on getting the Elite because u know they will drop the price within 6 months to around 350 bucks

Meus Renaissance4491d ago

Seems like Microsoft can't drop the price. I expected a more aggressive strategy from this in reaction to Sony's price cut; I think we all did.

fjtorres4491d ago

They just cost-reduced the 360 by moving to 65nm, after all.
They *choose* not to cause they believe people buy consoles to play games and they have all the must-have games. From their point of view, $279 is cheap enough for an HD gaming console that has hundreds of quality games, dozens of AAA titles already out, the premiere online gaming environment, and a fully mature digital media downloads service. Today. Not tomorrow or next year, but today.

They may be right or they may be wrong but they aren't going to cut prices just for the sake of cutting prices.

And, at least when MS issues press releases these days its to *add* things to 360, not to take out necessary features in order to cut prices.

DwightOwen4491d ago

"... hundreds of quality games, dozens of AAA titles already out..."

Bill Gates called. He wants you to stop by and finish the blowjob you started after school.

fjtorres4491d ago

But Metacritic:
...lists 254 360 games of which, 210 rate 60 or better and 70 rate 80 or better. That does sound like hundreds of games good enough to buy (considering what PS3 fans are putting their money into) and dozens *anybody* would want to buy.
And that is without including the Backwards-compatible XBOX games:

...which adds a extra 30+ 90-or-better games to the kitty. Remember, it was Sony that said backwards compatibility matters. Don't complain if MS plays that card too.

DG4491d ago (Edited 4491d ago )

Im not a fanboy but how is anything he mentioned not true.
-Good Games
-Low Price
-HD Downloads
-Good Online Service
This is oppinion based but I would say there is at least 12 good titles out. Although it did seem a little corporate.

DwightOwen4491d ago (Edited 4491d ago )

If you want to factor BC into the mix, the PS3 rapes the Xbox 360, steals its money, then leaves it in the alley to rot in shame and humiliation.

As far as "Average Reviewers Scores" go... WHOOP-DE-FRICKIN'-DOO. You said it yourself, it's all a matter of opinion, and in MY opinion, most reviewers are biased, retarded, or flat out apathetic towards anything that doesn't interest them personally, or isn't the way THEY think it should be. They're a bunch of elitist douchebags (kind of like self-proclaimed "professional gamers") preaching their preferences as the gospel to the unwashed masses who are all too eager to accommodate them. Additionally, they are not immune to the hype caused by massive marketing campaigns, as they seemingly brought their knee pads to Bungie's offices for their Halo 3 review, just in case they needed to thank Frankie and Co.

It's amazing how much knowledge is attained simply from seeing the Console War from both perspectives.

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The story is too old to be commented.