Getting a job in the games industry

Have you ever wanted to work in the games industry? Casually Hardcore explores ways to get a job in the video games industry. Written with the help of two games industry professionals Casually Hardcore looks at becoming a tester, working in a games shop and other ways to get your foot in the door of the video games industry.

Casually Hardcore will even take questions and help to answer in further features.

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fredfenster2984d ago

Working your ass off in the gaming industry to see your piece of art get butchered by biased reviewers, banned because of Fox News biased reporting... only to hope the gamers will acknowledge it for what it is. Good luck devs.

NanoSoldier2984d ago

for example the sad idiots from IGN.

CasuallyHardcore2984d ago

That is something we are going to look at in a future article. What working in the games industry is really like with quotes from developers in huge companies down to iPhone indie devs. Most articles point out how great making games are, and they can be but we want to give people a realistic experience of what to expect.

news4noobs2984d ago

Been there, done that. Worked two years for what's called Blizzard Activision these days. Long hours, weekend work and lots of deadline pressure. Pay also isn't that great. Compliance/Certification process with Sony, MS and Nintendo is a pain in the a.. too. Eventhough you get to see and play games first, meet some good people and can brag to other gamers, IMO it isn't worth it. Some of the biggest games I worked on: WOW, Riddick, Simpsons, Starcraft Ghost(cancelled) and among many other, believe it or not, Barbie Horse Adventures!