WWN: FPS is Dead, Long Live RPG

FPS has changed, probably forever. Developers have begun adding RPG elements to shooters to extend their games life.

what are the implications of this? Was it worth it?

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gravemaker2985d ago (Edited 2985d ago )

i wish fps would be dead for a while, we need more great RPG games before this generation ends

firefoxprime2984d ago

If its like Kingdom Hearts? I'm all for it. If another run of the mill rpg? Nope. I'll pass. Engaging real time gameplay is what makes KH/FFVersusXIII so awesome. Oh, and the deep story too! :P

coryok2984d ago

i dont like that fps are being called rpgs, i bought one thinking it was an rpg because it was marketed as an rpg. leave my rpgs alone :(

SixZeroFour2984d ago

really? your were THAT misinformed? and what was the game that you bought thinking it was an rpg cause im real curious

NukaCola2984d ago

Only two I can think of is Fallout and Borderlands and they both are great. Actually Borderlands is advertised as a FPSRPG.

I bought Brutal Legend thinking it was an action game, but it's really just a RTS.

Ult iMate2984d ago

Maybe it's Borderlands?

coryok2984d ago

it was fallout lol, i couldnt get into it, couldnt find out what to do in it after breaking out of the vault lol.

too much of a sandbox for my tastes, but ive heard a lot of people liking it and since then have meant to pull it back out and give it a second try but havnt gotten to it yet :(

dangert122984d ago


Just have a wonder round the in game world thats the beauty of fall out theres no restrictions you can do the 5 level first? the 1st level 5th? lol and yeah its very good and technical i', sure if you come out the vault and walk north for about 1min - 3mins you come to megaton you might be better of doing that if you feel you need to stick to a guidline rather then your own little free roaming

coryok2984d ago

ya lol i found that town and it was nice, i found some stuff to kill there but after that i couldnt find anything so i went for a walk and found another town. i had to run from some mutant thing to get to the town and then when i tried to leave i always ran into the same mutant thing and he killed me everytime :( thats when i stopped playing lol.

thanks for the advice though, makes me want to pick it up and try it again even more!

Aarix2984d ago

I though it was called RPS

dangert122984d ago

drinked some water top up on life? press analog and try and sneak past him? atleast you tried can't be everyones cup of tea

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zero_gamer2984d ago

FPS games this generation are garbage. Instead of health bars and medpacks we get regenerative health and checkpoint-a-minute. They're designed for the lowest common denominator anyway (Call of Doodie).

AntiHeroComplex2984d ago

about time FPS and RPG merge. Deus ex aka the best game in the universe ever has only set the bar over a decade ago.

bocajbee2983d ago (Edited 2983d ago )

"about time FPS and RPG merge."

Um, isn't it called fallout?

AntiHeroComplex2983d ago

except fallout sucks. I meant some decent games like deus ex.

sp1deynut2984d ago (Edited 2984d ago )

In fact, it's surprising to me that the FPS genre is just now getting into the RPG elements, considering:

1.) RPG stands for Role Playing Game
2.) Video games that are made in the First Person Viewpoint tend to be more immersive than TP or Isometric/top-down viewpoint games. There's no better way to really get into your "role" in an RPG, than in the FP.

Games like Mirror's Edge, Breakdown, Chronicles of Riddick, Deus Ex, The Darkness and Condemned really do a good job of putting you in the shoes of your character. Adding in "RPG" elements sure don't take away from such experiences.

EDIT: Oh look, some brainless, spineless twit has contributed the obligatory phantom disagree, within just a few minutes of my submission. STOP STALKING ME YOU LOSERS.

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