Why Do Our RPG Battles Still Need Numbers Everywhere?

Kotaku: I understand that role-playing video games owe their existence to role-playing tabletop games, and as a result, share many of their predecessor's customs and traditions. After all, if tabletop games need to simulate action via numeric values, then it was natural for the first video game RPGs to do the same.

But, uh, why are we still doing it in 2011?

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coryok2985d ago

why would they stop? the numbers will be there regardless if theyre shown on the screen. why not give the player the option? i like the numbers, it gives me an easy way to see which weapon is better.

i mean to me, a gun is a gun is a gun, its all gonna kill you with one shot, though im obviously not killing things in one shot. they need to let you know the stats

teething2984d ago

They need numbers so rpg fanatics don't go to metacritic and give a game a 1/10 en mass. Dragon age 2 anyone?