Diehard GameFAN: Yoostar 2: In The Movies (360)

The party game is not a new invention. If a game has a local multiplayer function and is in any way popular there is a chance that somebody somewhere has invited friends over, sat down in front of thew couch, and popped the game in their system of choice. Add in libations of choice and entertainment is almost certain to be found. Thanks to Guitar Hero and Rock Band developers have realized that a game can have a much greater impact if it touches on subjects more people care about. For them it was music. For Yoostar 2 it’s Hollywood blockbusters that everyone has watched, and the memorable scenes found within.

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FredEffinChopin2978d ago

The review doesn't acknowledge the PS3 version at all, which doesn't suffer from being forced to use motion control to have to navigate the menus (the biggest gripe in the review). Good review otherwise.