NFS Shift developer takes a swipe at Gran Turismo |

Lazygamer gets the scoop from Stephen Viljoen from Slightly Mad Studios, the developers behind the Need for Speed series.

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WobblyOnion2986d ago


Is this sort of thing necessary? shouldn't people just focus on making good games?

GavinMannion2985d ago

Well since the game is already completed now would be the time to start slinging mud and raising it's profile

velocitygamer2985d ago

I would 'lol' hard if this game gets below an 8. The way the developer is hyping up the game sounds like it's going to a 9.5 game.

ShinMaster2980d ago (Edited 2980d ago )

Not counting the extra "standard" cars.
All 220+ premium(real PS3/GT5)cars are actually quite varied.

GT has pretty much all sorts of cars covered. So what's the problem with having extra models of some cars with different acceleration, handling, etc?

Boody-Bandit2985d ago (Edited 2985d ago )

Wobbly, it's just a cheap ass way to get attention. A lot of post I see from N4G members are not overly positive about Shift 2. Most of those post I have read mention the poor physics and medicore graphics of the prequel.

I myself played and completed 2 of the three original version of Shift. I enjoyed it that much. It was a blast to play on my wheels BUT the game was an arcade racer with "some" sim elements at best. Why this dev is saying anything about GT5 is laughable.

When I hear one developer taking shots at another it really turns me off. It's sad what this industry has turned into. But negativity is like sex, it's a great marketing tool. People will pick up Shift 2 just to see if their claims are founded. I will pick it up because I enjoy all styles of racing.

I do agree with you. They should simply STFU and let the game speak for itself.

hiredhelp2984d ago (Edited 2984d ago )

Lets face it if you have to snipe at a game thats been around for years that many people look up to. then this tells me they know they have alot to live up against.

true devs dont back stab. multiplatformer devs are greedy and spoilt.

Kazunori Yamauchi im sure you wouldnt see him making quotes' Oh wait he did make one quote but more how he feels
when asked about other racing titles.

he said they are not simulation. he doesnt like them. now thats not the exact words but close enough.

hmm shame i preorderd this to test out in comparrison. after reading them quotes i may just cancel it if they think there soo much better.

NotSoSilentBob2985d ago

Way to stay classy Turn 10.... I mean Slightly Mad Studios.

Shmotz2985d ago

Except different models of cars ARE different.

You're making a self proclaimed "Racing Sim" you shouldk now this.

josephayal2985d ago

Forza 4 vs Gt5
NfS Shift vs Grid

ShinFuYux2985d ago

“We don’t want to have a player having 20 versions of a Honda S2000… that’s pointless”

Well, he has a point. There's about 40 different versions of the Nissan Skyline GTR, which is absurd. Don't believe me? Count them.

Take a look how many Subaru's, Mazda's and Mitsubishi's are there. I'm not hating on GT5 but the man has a point.

Where's my Lamborghini Reventon, Polyphony?

ShinFuYux2985d ago

PS. There's only 18 Honda S2000, not 20. He's wrong.

GavinMannion2985d ago

Lol I think his point still stands

ShinMaster2980d ago

So what's the problem with having extra models of some cars with different acceleration, handling, etc?

Bodster2985d ago

Although I agree with you, your example of the Nissan Skyline I have to disagree with, it's my favourite car and I actually did go out trying to get all versions of it :P

Boody-Bandit2985d ago (Edited 2985d ago )

The man does have a point about GT5 having so many of the same car models but it's petty and classless to take shots at the competition.

The original Shift was a fun game, that's all. I played and completed 2 of the 3 versions and walked away and hae not ever returned. Even though I still own both. I still play Forza 3 and will probably be playing GT5 on and off till GT6 is released.

Sorry SMS but your game is a nice diversion from the two games I mentioned above but that is all it is. Hopefully Shift 2 will prove will be a significant leap over the original but I wont be holding my breath waiting with anticipaton.

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