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Whether or not to buy an Asus GeForce GTX 590 3GB comes down to two factors, the primary one being how much you’re willing to pay for top-end performance. If the answer to that is that you’ll pay anything to game at 2,560 x 1,600, then you’re halfway to placing an order, as the GTX 590 3GB is the only card that gives you consistent, reliable frame rates in all four of the games with which we test.

The second question is trickier, though: how much do you trust Nvidia’s driver to keep the level of performance from the GTX 590 3GB as stupendously high as we found in our testing? Going by the empirical evidence of our testing, the GTX 590 3GB has almost none of the performance or reliability flaws that have typically plagued multi-GPU setups, and certainly no deal-breaking flaws. Therefore, the GTX 590 3GB has to get our approval based on the quality of the GeForce 267.71 launch driver that we used. It’s up to Nvidia to maintain this consistently very high level of performance over the life of this product, with timely and robust driver updates.

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RedDead2984d ago

Hmm, in 2-3 years I will get two of these. Can I do that? Love the way a 8800gtx is only 50 quid these days

FGHFGHFGH2984d ago

yea my brother uses a 8800gtx and it still runs games well

Kon2984d ago

Already selling at Gotta catch one of those.

PS360PCROCKS2984d ago (Edited 2984d ago )

Haha AMD got owned this time around, not by much though. This cards a beast but a waste if your not running ridiculous resolutions and multiple monitors. I'm more than happy with my 560ti SLI, I get around the same frames as the 590 does til you hit the 2560x1600 resolution , and I spent $200 LESS!! woo hoo!

ATiElite2984d ago

Actually they are a tie. The Hd 6990 beats the 590GTX in a lot of games. Crysis Warhead being one of them.
and here to

There is only one brand of 560GTX in SLI that gets even remotely close to the same frames as 590GTX and I have that brand. so please tell me what's the brand and clocks of your 560gtx.

PS360PCROCKS2984d ago

I was going off the bit tech review solely considering this is an article on the bit tech review. The 590 wins nearly every benchmark.

"The GTX 590 3GB is definitely of the former persuasion, topping our performance charts in almost every test, no matter what resolution or game we used. In some games the lead over even AMD’s massive Radeon HD 6990 4GB was substantial and in others only marginal, but the GTX 590 3GB is the king of the graphics cards based on the performance we saw"

and I have Asus 560's and I don't remember what they're at exactly, I think 950/1900/2300, around there somewhere. It's not just the card, I have an I5 at 4.6ghz. I'm not basing what I know off these benches, I get better frames than they do, my setup is better than what they use. a Intel Core i7-920 at 3.33? My CPU is much faster than that.

evrfighter2983d ago


so u look at one review and consider it your bible?

your pc is either an alienware or cost you twice as much as someone who properly researched their parts.

Bob5702984d ago

To bad there really aren't any good games that will use that power, unless you are using 3 screens. I was expecting Crysis 2 to be that game, but it's just another consolized PC game.

Jamaicangmr2984d ago

I think Battlefield 3 will become the new test bench, well that and the current king Metro 2033.

Crysis might not be as demanding as the 1st "consolized" indeed.

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