Angry Joe's Top 10 Most Anticipated Games of 2011

Angry Joe’s Top 10 Most Anticipated Games of 2011, check to see how your own personal list matches up.

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Chubear3736d ago

That #7 I think he's onto something cause I feel the exact same way. Xcom comes out same day as Brink. They're going to have to move their launch date for the 360 if they want a chance of better sales cause ain't no way in hell I can see a chunk of the 360 fanbase go out and get this game (mystery detective game with shooting elements here and there) over Brink (an all out FPS).

I maybe wrong but we'll see what happens. I predict a sales ratio of 4:1 on this one.

oweowe3735d ago

I think the title should be "Top 10 Most Anticipated XBOX360 Games of 2011".

MaxXAttaxX3735d ago

Guild Wars, Deus Ex, KOTOR, Elder Scrolls not PC games?

Godmars2903735d ago

Yeah, petty sure Joe is a PC gamer who owns a 360.

MaxXAttaxX3735d ago (Edited 3735d ago )

I guess that would explain why he left all PS3-only games out and chose Kinect games instead, lol.

Godmars2903735d ago

Also why most of the games are PC or the few FPSs - RAGE and LA Noire - that aren't solely FPSs.


or maybe he just has a different taste in games... imagine that :O

3735d ago
coryok3735d ago

dude must be pretty biased against ps3

Godmars2903735d ago (Edited 3735d ago )

No, then he'd be talking crap about it if he was. Like a certain troll in the biz who's initials are C.B.. Now there's an Epic console douche.

I even respect him that even if he is bias he has yet to talk crap about it or the Wii, though it was painful watching him offer one up for a contest saying he'd love to get one.

coryok3735d ago

maybe he just doesnt own a ps3

Soldierone3735d ago

Isnt the point of Angry Joe to be like Jim Rome on ESPN and bash EVERYTHING? You not allowed to have a bias for that to work. You can have one in real life, but the character needs to hate everything.

ultimate-remag3735d ago (Edited 3735d ago )

dis dude vids be wack.. tries 2 hard 2 b funny...

dreamtheater873735d ago

I thought being "wack" was a good thing? Guess I ain't gangsta yo! Learn English.

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The story is too old to be commented.