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wwm0nkey2981d ago

God dammit. AGAIN!?

Forever delayed.

rrw2981d ago

i guess the meme still working

Vojkan2981d ago

So in June
on 7th
Infamous 2
Shadow of the Damned
on 14 June
Duke Nukem
few games will flop, since these developers seem to think that all of us s..t money and we are willing to spend over 200$/e in one week.

hay2980d ago

Duke will have tough time in June.

Thrungus2981d ago

If only Randy knew earlier, we wouldn't be in this mess ;)

airhorn952980d ago

I know I'm so pissed it was going to be released on my Birthday now I guess it will have to be a belated gift.

FragGen2980d ago (Edited 2980d ago )

To be honest, I'm disappointed it's coming out at all. It's much better as a cautionary tale/meme than it ever will be as yet another console FPS in this gen.

Really, DN was never that amazing a game: there were only one or two competitors in FPS when it was released which is why just having a retardedly over the top caricature of a main character and digi-sleaze was enough to get it to sell. Heck it was primarily an SP experience which is complete waste of time in modern FPS's.

Go replay the original all the way through if you have the patience and don't believe me. It's pretty lame in 2011 and feels beyond repetitive.

DarkFantasy2980d ago

SON OF A B*@#&!!!

oh well i guess i will just have to wait forever ;/

lol this reminds me of ace venture.

"if our games not done by june 14...just wait longer.."

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FearNoAngel2981d ago

Dam the media will shit on the game just because it's taking too long.

Redempteur2981d ago

11 years late ? what's 2 more months ?

TheCagyDies2981d ago

So that makes
Shadows of the Damned
Alice: Madness Returns
Duke Nukem Forever
The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time 3D
that I have to buy in June

icewater852981d ago

Catherine comes out July 26th.

Redempteur2981d ago

where did you get the date for catherine ? the official site says summer 2011

TheCagyDies2980d ago

If so then that will help my wallet a little

Johandevries2981d ago

Damn. Leaving on June 2nd for a long travel, was hoping to be able to play it before depature

T-What2981d ago

Its a joke guys... really
They will change it back, yeah its early but then no one would believe it.

Why would a game being made in Texas come out internationally on the 10th and the 14th in the USA... It wouldn't so its a joke and they will more then likely say so on April 1st.

KillerPwned2981d ago

Yeah that makes sense i don`t know what to make out of this i guess just wait and see.

TheStee2980d ago

the idea that a game being made in Texas couldn't possibly be released elsewhere first is naive at best.

it's likely to do with release windows and all that crap we don't know about. games are released Friday almost everywhere except the US that releases stuff on Tuesdays. So they could get in done in time for the friday release but miss the tuesday? maybe? something like that.

T-What2980d ago

naive? Ha, it's naive to even believe its delayed being this close to April first and Randy Pitchfords comical youtube video. To believe that is naive.
Also The fact that the game is being made in Texas, it would cost more for them to releases the game in a different county first, one because of shipping and to because of translation reasons. To even fathom the idea of it coming out internationally first is Naive.

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