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Xbox 720 To Be Announced At E3 2011?

360 Magazine: Is the future of gaming closer than you think? Are we on the brink of a ‘next-gen’ reveal? Each console life cycle has brought with it great sweeping changes to both the technology and functionality of our gaming machines. With the current crop able to evolve with updates and additions it has seemed for a long time that a ‘next-gen’ was years away...

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Wrong story type
Should be Rumor
At LEAST make this the right story type - groundless rumor.
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Obviously as the hardware developers were only being hired within the last month, this is impossible
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Hurray for groundless rumors. What kind of trashy publication would post lies in order to get hits? Oh right, Now gamer.
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Community3007d ago
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gillri3007d ago

no, I would be surprised if it was announced next year

but I would hope for a new console, Xbox 36o is already 5 and a half year old now

Vojkan3007d ago (Edited 3007d ago )

Considering that Kinect is selling well, I don't see it happening. If it happens, it will get announced this year, but get released fall 2012.

I_find_it_funny3007d ago

thats stupid to even post this

Active Reload3007d ago

It's not going to happen. The economy is down and new hard-ware would be suicidal. Crysis 2 just came out on the 360 and is arguably the best between the two consoles--just look at the game. Crytek is working on Kingdoms exclusively for the 360 and they're saying they want to squeeze every juice out of the 360, so no, it's not coming for a while.

Blad3star3007d ago (Edited 3007d ago )

Why would'nt Kinect work with the new XBox and why can't MS support two console, the current xbox for the casulas and the people who dont want to move on and the new console for the the hardcore fans who think that five year old tech is actually dated tech.

Mustang300C20123007d ago (Edited 3007d ago )

Yeah I don't know why anyone would think they would announce it to be two years away and hurt sales today. I don't believe it will be announced due to the continue increase in sales of the 360 and Kinect selling as well as it has. People need to let it go about this 5 year plan. Just look at the landscape and you will see why they don't need to drop a console. The consumers are keeping all 3 systmes moving without the rush or need of a nextgen system. All 3 systems are still selling and that is a good thing imo. Just laast gen we had 1 system seller which was the PS2. We now have 2 systems selling higher than they did last gen and handhelds to top it off. Notice the 360 has increased in console sales and has yet to have a price drop. It is unheard of that a system still is relevant to increase in sells without an actual price drop. Consumers are accepting the new slim and Kinect. When I say consumers I don't mean the fanboys that love to choose some side. Consumers some people like to group as "casuals" are buying the system. People enjoy different games and there is plenty of variety if you own one or all the systems. I don't see next gen happening until systems have to price drop to keep demand or price drops do not provide any increase including sales of software. Turn to the person that is to the left or right of you and blame them for the systems still going strong. I am good personally. I have all the systems including a PC to simply enjoy what ever they decide to bring. Next Gen systems can wait another 10 years for all I care. When they arrive I will be ready just like I was in 2005 and the launches before it. Enjoy the games people.

Lifendz3007d ago

Of course annoucning new hardware today that will debut in two years will hurt sales today. For anyone, anyone thinking of buying a 360 will consider waiting for the new hardware. And a lot of people might sell their consoles, games, not renew Live because they want to start saving. It's too far out. If they announce it this year, it has to drop this holiday season.

DigitalRaptor3007d ago

Microsoft would be unable support a new console, especially in this economy.

Sony is able to suport all their platforms well because they have strong third party support and a huge number of first party studios. Nintendo is bringing out a handheld which has great third party support and first party that is going mainly into 3DS development. You can say the same for NGP.

Microsoft is struggling to maintain their 360 lineup as it stands, and now that Kinect is out, that is their golden cow to milk for the next couple of years. You will see most Xbox resources go into Kinect.

A new console for them, would mean they would have to drop support for the 360, like they did with the original Xbox. It not like they don't have the money for it - they just don't currently have the relevant resources.

Active Reload3007d ago

MS can afford to release a new console, but devs wouldn't be able to afford to develop for it unless they're someone like EA or Activision.

plb3007d ago

Kinect is just a USB device. It works on Windows and it will work on the next xbox too. And if the new xbox is backwards compatible I'm all for it.

malamdra3007d ago

the successor to the 360 was released last year and it's called Kinect

casuals don't need more grapchic power

OneSneakyMofo3007d ago

I don't think Microsoft's going to jump in for a third round at gaming consoles if their stocks keep dropping like it does. They gotta regain some money from some place and the most sensible is their gaming division.

Vaud-Villian3006d ago

We hear this rumor every year.

<Insert new console here> being announced at E3 20XX?

This is beyond crying wolf.

ChrisW3006d ago

To be honest, I hope so. Consoles are keeping PC development back.

No_Pantaloons3006d ago

The fact that M$ said they're focused on Kinect right now still doesn't make these baseless articles go away.
Sony said the same about move, and nintendo about the 3ds, but if all that weren't enough the polls from gamers clearly show most aren't ready to buy a new console.

Obviously there's planning going on behind the scenes, companies have to plan years in advance, but that doesn't mean anything is "to be announced."

These articles are annoying as hell, they come out every other month and then 2-3 years later when something actually is revealed, they claim "see we told you!"

JohnnyBadfinger3006d ago

It could be announced this year yes... but that doesnt mean your gunna see it in action or be able to purchase it within the next 2 years.

I pretty confident there wont be a new console for atleast another 3 years.

Yes the PC graphics are better than console, but they arent that good that the PS3 and 360 need a complete remodel their hardware. If anything the PS3 and 360 make DX11 and all the other unnecessary hardware seem...well unnecessary.

The only differences are very slightly minor.

My verdict PS3 and 360 still have at a minimum 3 years before they need to be reborn.

Kurt Russell3006d ago

If they do announce one... I'm buying it.

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DeadlyFire3007d ago (Edited 3007d ago )

Very possible. Considering UE 4.0 is 97 % done. I doubt it will be before Fall 2012 before its released. CE 4.0 and UE 4.0 must exist as a base Engine platform for the next generation of games.

E3 2012 sounds best though for Xbox 720. Why? Well Halo 4, Gears of War 4, Fable 4, Froza 5 would have to be ready for the next console era. At least 2 of them. Gears 3 just releasing, Fable 3 just releasing, Froza 4 yet to come out. E3 2011 would be bad time to say anything for Microsoft. They could mention a new Halo though.

I am betting if any of them speak at E3 2011 for a new console it will be Nintendo. Wii 2. UE 4.0 support. Coming Fall 2012. Everyone will be floored to hear such a thing from Nintendo. Its exactly what noone expects from Nintendo.

Malice-Flare3006d ago (Edited 3006d ago )

i'm sure Microsoft can afford to sell a Triple-SLI GPU, Multicore CPU based console for a giant loss...

but do you want a console consuming 1KW of electricity when you play?

trancefreak3006d ago

The video from crytek explains why there is no cry-engine 4. Cry 3 is next gen and will display itself more in the future.

DeadlyFire3006d ago (Edited 3006d ago )

Only reason that is said Trance is because they fear they will not have it ready by 2012. So they are saying CryEngine 3.0 will be best utlitzed on the next consoles while at the same time working on CE 4.0 anyway for 2013. It is very wise plan they have. CE 3 will be able to shin brightly on a new console generation, but likely its successor will show up with more power in the new generation as well. CE 3.0 is really CryEngine 2.0 with a makeover and highly optimized. Which is why DirectX 11 wasn't essential in the making of Crysis 2. Still it is there and added benefits are as well.

Still though CE 3 is not something to overlook.

Rinku. Don't worry so much about GPU. Single chip GPUs capable of delivering 30-60 fps on UE 4.0 will be here by end of 2012.

3 reasons why that is possible.

1. GPUs evolve every year. There is 1-2 major releases of GPUs from AMD, and NVIDIA with many minor launches scaling off the 1-2 major released chips.

2. PCIExpress 3. What does that have to do with consoles? Not alot, but bandwidth is getting a big boast soon for Graphics cards. It will reflect very well in gaming perfomance and power usage on PC platform. The more bandwidth = more power. Consoles likely will have embedded buses and bandwidth though as always.

3. Power saving GPUs don't exist. Like it or not. Power grows every year in GPUs. Now PC cards require a power supply plug to operate. Never used to be the case a few years ago. Power is going up. Solution - Put 5-10 solar panels on your house. It will save you some money in the long run.

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damnyouretall3006d ago

i dont know probably not. but you would think ms would be the first to launch one. could account for the lack of exclusives, maybe developers have moved on to bigger and better things for a next gen console

WitWolfy3006d ago (Edited 3006d ago )

Remember Microsoft claims that the next Xbox console will be "Forward compatible" meaning current gen games like Gears,Halo,NFS ect ect will look even beter on the next console then what it looks on the current one (Seeing that it will have will have DX11 backing it up) Guess we'll have to wait and see if this is indeed true

FinalSpartan3006d ago

Crysis 2 destroys PS3 version, Xbox 360 still has more to go. Multiplatforms are 99% better looking on Xbox 360.

Whereas only Exclusives look good on PS3.

the_best_player3006d ago

Your still living in 2007 - 2008 by the sound of it.

trancefreak3006d ago

"Crysis 2 destroys PS3 version."

What the hell does that mean?

I bought the pc version but crysis on pc is a freaking console version.

zeddy3006d ago

this is bull, 360's install base is 50mil+(minus rrods) and games usually sell well so no point theres starting over again for the time being.

Jocosta3002d ago

Its not minus rrod, those were normally repaired. Why does everyone think that?

pain777pas3006d ago

Microsoft will try to come out first again but I think that it is too soon. Microsoft is at $199 and is still trailing the Wii with a year free from next gen competition. Microsoft should wisely see that they are doing better than their first foray but haven't reached their end goal. 360 is an improvement not the end all be all. Microsoft is in the most difficult position because they are thinking what is it going to take to be #1? I would venture to say that if there is nothing mind blowing save a new Halo or something they may release something that no one even cares about or wants right now. Innovation will be paramount and selling their ideas to the masses. Kinect was just released aswell. There is no need for a new system from Microsoft. Nintendo on the other hand is in the best position because they are so far behind in tech and so far ahead in consoles sold. They could come up to 360 specs and completely dominate with something HD and innovative.

solidt123006d ago

I been playing crysis 2 on very high settings and after seeing it I would say yes it is time for a new Xbox.

Anon19743006d ago

Not gonna happen and even if it did, I think it would be a disaster. It's like when the Xbox went head 2 head with the PS2. The Xbox had the advantage graphically, but the PS2 was hitting it's stride, the graphics were good enough for most and the price was right. We'd see the same thing if a new Xbox launched versus the PS3. The PS3 is hitting it's stride, no one is complaining about the quality of the games and if the rumors are true there's another price cut in the works. It'd be hard to try to launch a new, more expensive console in this current marketplace and I think a 720 launched now would be passed over much like the Xbox was in favor of the PS2.

Plus, we're not seeing the financial signs. There's no ramp up of R&D spending in the Entertainment Division at Xbox that would precipitate a new console launch, nor have we heard anything on the hardware side of things. When the PS3 slim and 360 slim launched, we saw signs, heard rumors from hardware makers, saw spending fluctuate. None of that is happening now.

TheXgamerLive3006d ago

"NO", the Next XBOX will "NOT" be announced this year. Damn i hate these fake assed rumors. We won't see a new XBOX or PS for atleast 3 to 5 more yrs. this has already been announced. Technology hasn't reached the lvl's there looking for yet in the future consoles, only Nintendo will announce a newer console late this yr. or next IMO.

Death3006d ago

Sales will determine when we see new consoles. If both the PS3 and Xbox 360 continue to have good sales, the need to launch new hardware will be prolonged. Either way, there will be atleast a year of solid rumors with some kind of "leaked" info before an announcement. So far both camps have been very quiet. I have no doubt the new consoles are well beyond the design stage, but time will bring down price which they both need.


showtimefolks3006d ago

NOt happening anytime before fall 2013

gamingdroid3006d ago

I hope a new Xbox 360 is coming soon. I can't wait until the next generation!

I favor faster console cycles with lower launch price!

cryymoar3006d ago

LOL another UnrealEngineBox? I hope not.

Vherostar3006d ago

No way they just got kinect out the door and like there own staff say Kinect IS the new xbox. There is no way they are gonna abandon Kinect after 1 year especially after it sold so well. I mean sure its not shifting consoles just yet but future games might change that.

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Dailynch3007d ago

I honestly think it's going to be announced this year. When you look at all the exclusives that have dropped of the radar and all the new shiny tech being brandied about it just feels right.

hennessey863007d ago

if it doesnt then im buying a pc

evrfighter3007d ago

its true with all the new tech being shown off sub 720p resolutions and low res textures don't seem all that great anymore.


Kinect is still in its early stages. M$ will milk it for all its worth before they announce a new console. Sony needs to store some profits from the ps3 and also needs to milk move before they announce a new console.

All of a sudden pc gaming is lookin that much better huh. :)

theonlylolking3007d ago

You should also take into account the activision call of duty deal. It ends in 2012 so M$ around that time M$ is going to announce or release the next xbox. M$ probably would have had the deal last longer but that would mess up there next xbox plans.

trancefreak3006d ago

Everything tech wise is going at rapid rates again from smart phones like htc evo 3d, smart tabs others like apple products every year, new graphic cards every month and so on.

RevXM3006d ago

This is a good argument.
360 only got Kinect titles, plus GEARS, Forza and Kingdoms.(Quality brand titles)

What would the MS studios do if they didn't have upcoming games for the 360? like 3 studios is doing something worth talking about.

Seem likely that they are working with the next gen hardware and concepts.

Even if the hardware gets announced this year it wont come until sometime next year.
I cant wait.

+ Show (1) more replyLast reply 3006d ago
wwm0nkey3007d ago

I dont think we will see an announcement till 2013 or 2014. Maybe a hint this year but no announcement unless it was announced that you could switch out the MB/GPU.

Dailynch3007d ago

Problem is, if Microsoft doesn't announce anything, then it's got nothing exciting coming this year other than a sprinkling of games. Compared to the competition it's looking really weak.

Pozzle3007d ago

I'm not ready for the next generation of gaming yet. I still haven't gotten everything out of my current gen consoles.

zeddy3006d ago

kids in the next couple of gens are going to be spoiled big time with the massive library of games of today.