Zynga Poker Hacker Goes To Jail

Ashley Mitchell broke into the Zynga mainframe, stole the identities of two company employees and thus managed to transfer 400 billion virtual gaming chips into his own account. The chips, valued at approximately $12m (£7m) by the prosecution, were then partially sold to other gamblers through Facebook. According to The Guardian, Mitchell made £53,612 over a two month period, funds then used to fuel his own gaming addiction. Mitchell pleaded guilty to one count of computer misuse and four counts of money laundering, and was also sentenced to an additional 30 weeks in prison for breaching a 40-week suspended sentence from 2008, received for hacking into the computer system of Torbay council, his former employer. His final sentence is two years jail time.

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MRHARDON2981d ago

This is good news, hackers who get other peoples identities need to go to jail :D and stealing stuff that doesnt belong to you requires a jail sentence :D

Spinal2981d ago

Now they're going to play Poker with him in jail.

lol Poke, poke.

Godmars2902981d ago

So a guy steals two people's identities, goes on to steal millions - MILLIONS - of dollars in virtual money pretty much commits grand larceny in laundering it, and all he gets is five months while already serving five months on probation? Meanwhile some poor bastard is looking at an effective life sentence for receiving manga featuring naked underaged characters because the judge wont let him out.

MRHARDON2981d ago

In the end its going to be on his criminal record so how is he going to get a well paying job?

morkendo232981d ago (Edited 2981d ago )

@ godmars
rich high class tycoon crooks do GRAND LARCENY money laundering every freaking day an yet we dont hear about it. why??? are they above the law??? or do they pay-off government official to look the other way?? a nobody is put in jail while high class crooks get-away with money laundering, that sucks.

bozebo2981d ago (Edited 2981d ago )

Mllions of dollars worth of a variable in a database?
32 bits on a server hard drive... that is all he changed.

There is no value in these microtransactioned chips.

The only value was what people would have spent on them legitamately if they had not found the option to buy them due to Ashley's successfull software exploitation.

All the people who paid Ashley for chips should also be prosecuted for buying stolen goods then; because they caused a loss in the business that relied on their proper sale.

The UK legal system is more sane than that, they actually understand what digital property is. His sentence was due to him harming consumer confidence.

To be honest though, the entire world is run through insecure computer systems. New exploits are discovered each day for thousands of important pieces of software that could comprimise world security. And there are thousands of people skilled enough to cause damage if they see fit.

Recent research I have seen shows that common mobile devices (iPhones & Android) can be compromised simply by a would-be hacker walking past them on the street. They can then use these compromised devices to spread their botnet further. When you go into work the next morning and connect to your work's wifi, that network is also compromised. Also note that all it takes to take over an entire network is one compromised device on that network. Somebody could sit in Heathrow and spread a botnet accross every single major network in the entire world within 24 hours. What would this mean to you and me? Probably not much (banks etc. keep 'secure' backups), but it's worth knowing that it could easily be done. (keep an eye on Sky news)

What Ashley Mitchell has done is small beans. His jail sentence is perfectly justified.

morkendo232981d ago

WATCH OUT geohotz your next runing to south america wont help you asked ashley mitchell he's in jail waiting on u.