Daily Joystick Review: Test Drive Unlimited 2

Boosty from Dailyjoystick writes; "Test Drive Unlimited 2 is the second instalment in the series and builds upon the original title which launched in 2006 in many ways. Developed by Atari and Eden games, Test Drive Unlimited 2 aims to raise the bar and offer players some of the most luxurious cars in the world and of course also offers you not one, but two islands to explore, Ibiza and Hawaii. Test Drive Unlimited 2 is also not just about racing, but about the lifestyle that comes with it. With so much on offer here, you are in for an absolute treat with this massively open world online racer."

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NJShadow2981d ago

I'm lovin' this game. While it has its rough spots, I've already clocked way over 50 hours into it. Yeah, totally underrated.

bumnut2981d ago

Totally under developed imo, shockingly poor game.

NJShadow2981d ago

I absolutely hated it at first, but most folks don't bother to push on past the first few hours. I had to play on for a review, then ended up loving it. The game gets SO much better once you get to Hawaii though, even though Ibiza is pretty sweet as well. One huge issue has been the physics, but once you get a better car (the classic cars are pretty bad), things handling gets phenomenally better.

Games_R_Us2981d ago

I must agree with you N J Shadown, most gamers give up after a few hours. Thats why at DailyJoystick we waited till I had pretty much finished the entire game before performing a review. It gets better once you get to Hawaii and now the online is pretty well fixed, its an awesome experience.