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Vherostar2985d ago

Have we actually got confirmation this is going to be on 360?? Since this was originally on PS2 only and all these HD remakes so far have been PS3 only I find it hard to believe it's going to be multi-platform. I may be wrong though.. Just want to see proof. Would be nice for 360 to get though as more gamers can get the gaming goodness.

El-Fenemeno12132985d ago

I'm not quite sure either, but captivate is around the corner.

EYEamNUMBER12985d ago

well it was originally on gamecube then ps2

yes its gonna be on ps3/360 they have a scan of this in a japanese magazine i think famitsu and it shows it for both systems

i like how they make the original side of the picture look more blurry than it actually is lol

wwm0nkey2985d ago

RE4 was actually GC exclusive first then went to PS2 :)

imarockstar2985d ago

neither of these games were PS2 only... Code Veronica was originally Dreamcast then ported to PS2 and RE4 was Gamecube then PS2

the_best_player2984d ago (Edited 2984d ago )

PS2 version was the bad version.

youtube is your friend ^^

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SkylineR2985d ago (Edited 2985d ago )

Does it matter if it comes to 360 or not? Regardless of platform, it'll be great to play RE4 again in HD. Probably one of the best RE games.
And no, RE4 was GameCube exclusive for a period of time. Then the PS2 got a port.

El-Fenemeno12132985d ago (Edited 2985d ago )

It actually does matter, because not everyone owns both systems, and may end up missing out on the two classics

Edit: @SkylineR: Then you are very lucky to experience best of both worlds 8-)

SkylineR2985d ago

Ideally it'd be great for both consoles to get it, but it doesn't bother me as I have both. Heck, I still have the GameCube version.

wwm0nkey2985d ago

Really happy this is heading on both 360/PS3 more people able to experience classics they might have missed out on :D

Though RE4 is on pretty much everything lol

Shmotz2985d ago

4 and CV? What a random collection.

Next up RE:0 and Outbreak HD collection!

Sackl3ot2985d ago (Edited 2985d ago )

Yup, very random.

I think it should have been RE4, RE Outbreak File #1 and File #2 Collection, instead.

But you know how Crapcom is this gen.

Forbidden_Darkness2985d ago

Maybe there is more to this? Maybe those two games will lead up to the next Resident Evil game?

BabyTownFrolics2985d ago

is there any mention of move support?

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