G4tv: Top 5 user created levels in LBP2

Top 5 user created levels of LittleBigPlanet 2 by G4tv - X-Play

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Gambit072978d ago

My GOTY so far, truly an amazing game.

swishersweets200312978d ago (Edited 2978d ago )

i wish i could figure out how to do half the things people can do on LBP2 but for what lil adventure stage i made i was happy enough with it. Check it out if you want stage is called Skeletors Dungeon 1.0. nothing impressive but its a lil bit of a challange.

Gambit072978d ago

Dude, I'm going threw the tutorials, trying to learn, but damn it's overwhelming.
Check this guys movie on LBP2:
Truly amazing what he does.
Anyone can add me: Gambit07

swishersweets200312978d ago

added the thing to my que on the site thanks

bobrea2978d ago

Relevant to my interests.

Oldman1002978d ago

lol the embedded video is screwing up the entire page for me.