SCEA Creates In-Game Advertising Group

Hot Sony advertising news. Today, Sony Computer Entertainment of America announced a new in-game advertising business unit headed by industry vet Darlene Kindler. According to SCEA Sales and Business Development senior v.p. Phil Rosenberg:

"Darlene has an ideal blend of experience within the video game industry, including in-game advertising, making her a perfect fit for this newly created position. She will be tasked with the important role of working closely with our internal teams as well as our third-party publishers and external advertising agencies to develop business and marketing strategies for our newly formed online advertising group."

See, this is how PlayStation Home becomes a marketers wet dream.

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Jen5en4487d ago

As long as it doesn't involve pop-up stuff, and is restricted to billboards and booths... I see no problem.

sfinXters4487d ago

And as long as billboards don't take up half of the screen.

Vojkan4487d ago

I agree. People complain about this but do you complain when you are going in shopping mall and see so much advertisement? No, you basically dont pay attention to it.
I dont mind if it keeps PSN free and if on-line gaming stays free on PS3.
They have to turn some profit somehow, at least developers need to. because whats the point for them in making on-line mode and community if they don't earn any thing?

Douchebaggery4487d ago

get ready for spiderman 4 posters in god of war 3

Jen5en4487d ago

Or, how about in-game product placement?

"Kratos, what are you doing?"

"I'm changing the bag on the vacuum cleaner..."

"No need to. The Dyson 1D800C doesn't need bags!"


andy0014487d ago

Welcome to the future of entertainment I guess.

I always thought games were a good way to escape from real life, but now the corporations want to interrupt my life with ads.

I might start a little protest by myself. Any advertiser who interrupts my gaming time will never get a penny out of me.

PopEmUp4487d ago

This is the Exactly why Ps3 is the future and why x-box 360 is the now

andy0014487d ago

Microsoft already have an ingame advertising deal (or company) so I am afraid it is the future for all the consoles, as well as the PC.

You know this is bad for the gamer don't you? If the game developers are forced to get some of their income from in game advertising then we can expect that the games will be built to appeal to the advertisers, not the gamers

For example, if you knew that Halo 3 was going to be a key title for your target audience then you would want to advertise in that game. Advertising slots in that game would be sought after. It makes sense then that the developers would make sure that there were plenty of places in that game to place advertising. Perhaps they want to try something a bit risky, which might make it a mature rated game, but they can't because the advertisers will spend more money if it is a family rated game. Even worse would be 'commercial breaks' like on your cable or digital channels. Rather than cutscenes which expand the story we will have 'messages from sponsors'

Allowing advertisers to influence gaming is a bad choice, a nightmare even.

Xi4487d ago

like the billboards in crackdown. Even if they use something like a real coke vending machine in a game that's still fine, as long as it doesn't take away from experience.