Bill Roper: What I'd do with Diablo 3

Industry veteran Bill Roper is now CEO of Hellgate: London developer Flagship Studios, but prior to this he hung his hat at Blizzard, where he had a major hand in the Diablo RPG series.

Although Blizzard has yet to announce Diablo 3, you just know it's coming - but what would Roper do with the sequel if he were in charge of it?

This is precisely the question CVG posed him during a recent interview.

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MK_Red4491d ago

"What I'd do with Diablo 3" I'd insert the DVD into DVD-Rom. Install the game and then play it non-stop until I've finished the game with all characters (7-8) and then go for nightmare and other difficulties.

In short, I'll lose my life, job and everything.

Twizzlada_Shogun4491d ago

actually..I LOVE to say that I will probably fall into the same trance that you will. :D

The diablo curse is so bad, yet so good at the same time.

I'll tell you one thing, there will be a thick coat of dust on all my consoles before I ever pick up another controller again, once diablo 3 comes out.

Loopy4491d ago

You won't lose your life.
Just your soul :)

Relientk774491d ago



Tyrael4491d ago

The release of Diablo 3 is about as important as the second coming of Christ to a Christian. Simply put, its been to long, and it needs to happen

Tyrael4491d ago

Oh and btw, if this becomes an MMORPG, im going to boycott Blizzard

Relientk774491d ago

it also better have free online... no gay world to warcraft damn charges... or ill be pissed

Tyrael4491d ago

yeha thats why i dont want it to be MMORPG because then it means pay for play online which is f*ckin stupid

Twizzlada_Shogun4487d ago

I hate MMORPG's....I just can't play them.

The quests seem repetitive to me and in all honesty, I find it boring after awhile. I'm just not that hardcore with MMO's.

Diablo though....Diablo was a materpiece.

Hopefully they stick to their routes.

I loved MFing, and the glow of the items as they popped on the ground.