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Yakuza 4 continues the epic crime saga throwing players deeper into the gritty underbelly of society in Tokyo. This time, however, Kazuma isn't the only protagonist brawling in Kamurocho's streets. Three new characters join the fight with specific traits and motives while adding to the deep and intertwining story lines. As with the previous title, Yakuza 4 is an open world game and Kamurocho is your thug-infested playground. Even though the environment stays true to the series does placing the focus on new character pay of for this latest entry?

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ShadyDevil2984d ago

I cannot wait to pick this game up! Looks so sweet. Now just announce Of The end. And we are set.

jbl3162984d ago

Too bad I'm poor right now lol. Would love to buy this game eventually. Loved playing Yakuza 3 last year.

nix2984d ago (Edited 2984d ago )

i have this game.. but i get too tired by the time i get back home after work. waiting for a weekend to finally get into it. or before that.