Boy jumps off building after parents ban video games

In India, a 10-year-old boy jumped off the 19th floor of his apartment building to his death Friday. According to a police report, the parents of Andrei Smirnov were angry at him for bad conduct in school and poor grades.

An Indian tabloid reports that the boy's teacher had written remarks about his bad conduct in the school diary. He tried to erase them to escape the wrath of his parents.

Angered by the teacher's remarks and their son's attempt to deceive them, Andrei's parents then banned him from playing video games on his computer

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Skynetone4486d ago

some kids are just spoiled brats and need better parenting

I would have broken his legs if he had of survived

lawman11084486d ago

I would jump off a roof too!

sfinXters4486d ago

Parents shouldn't ban video games. They could, for example, in stead of GTA4 get the kid GTA2 if he's behaving bad.

ISay4486d ago

what an ass!! your an idiot.. but that was funny, lol

ShiftyLookingCow4486d ago (Edited 4486d ago )

sad, but is it India or Russia?

[edit] it is Russia

Jen5en4486d ago

The true question is: why was his life so empty that he didn't have anything other than video games to live for?

nobizlikesnowbiz4486d ago

Russia has a depressing economy right now.

A lot of kids in the street starving, begging for food/money.

Baba19064486d ago

well i dont think bad economy makes children kill themselfs. most poor countrys have way less suicide than rich countrys. i do think that there must have been much mmuch more problems than just a gaming addiction. anyway i dont know if i will ever understand why a 10 year old even thinks about killen himself. he must have been psycologicly very sick.

The Wood4486d ago

tragic all the same


get a life

r.i.p young one
your parents banning your gaming might of been the straw the broke the camels back thus hiding a multitude of problems that he may have been experiencing.

DeadIIIRed4486d ago

Generally countries that are facing economic problems tend to have higher suicide rates. Russia is the third country in the world at 35.1 suicides per 100,000 people. US is 46th.

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DwightOwen4486d ago

Heaven forbid parents should actually discipline their kids nowadays!

The Wood4486d ago

its getting ridiculous in the uk. they dont want us to smack our kids but wanna fine us when their off the rails years down the line. effing stupid government and soft lefties. hug a hoodie huh

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The story is too old to be commented.