5 games cancelled due to disasters

The dire conditions many Japanese citizens are experiencing after the earthquake and tsunami are not just affecting the country, but the world as a whole. It’s important to remember that no man is an island and the disaster has affected game designers as well. While delayed and cancelled titles make sense, there have been plenty of other titles that have fallen by the wayside due to massive tragedies over the years.

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derkasan2765d ago

Terrible timing on SEGA's part with Propeller Arena.

BiggCMan2765d ago

I was really, really looking forward to Six Days In Fallujah. It wasn't supposed to be another shooting game, they meant it to be more like a historical game, and to show what happened over there. You can tell from that short video that it was a very serious type of game. Its a shame the media still doesn't take video games seriously, I bet you anything that a movie of the same thing would get a free pass, thats bullshit.