First Look: SOCOM 4 Multiplayer Beta Video and Screenshot Gallery (HD 720p) - Lens of Truth

Lens of Truth writes"Welcome back for another First Look! In this preview we bring you some fresh gameplay footage from Zipper Interactive's SOCOM 4 Multiplayer beta demo. The beta was released today for PlayStation plus members only, but you know that wasn't going to stop us. So sit back, grab your self a cold drink and enjoy!"

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Sea_Man2765d ago

Actually looks really fun to play.

RudeSole Devil2765d ago

Sucks you need PS+ to play.

Tempjf2765d ago

What! Man that sucks I was looking forward to play this tomorrow!

snaz272765d ago

wish i could give you guys my code, i've got ps+ but i don't really game online... So i've not even downloaded this, hopefully the single player is good though.

Tempjf2765d ago

I thinking opposite, game reminds me of MAG. But in 3rd person

Dart892765d ago

Actually this week it was for ps+ plus next week is for kz3 codes and the following week everyone can get in it.

Baron792765d ago

Still sucks we have to wait that long.

soljah2765d ago

was thinking it was going to be like mag also. but after dling and playing i can say it looks and plays nothing like mag. but you can tell that zipper took alot of the net code from mag. smoothest running beta i have ever been in

GunofthePatriots2765d ago

......I won't say it this time.

daddyknowsbest2765d ago

The guy playing in this video sucks bad! I would not want to play on his team.

ThanatosDMC2765d ago

It's not just him. It looked like his whole team sucked or they were pitted against people who've been playing the game for quite a while.

come_stains2765d ago

It looks like he couldn't move... Too many people in one spot.

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The story is too old to be commented.